Friday Round-Up

Irish gem KTG shares instantly infectious Don't Tell My Mother!

KTG Press Shot (2).jpg

Irish singer-songwriter KTG - aka Katie Gallagher - prepares to release her debut mini-album, Searching For Magpies, on 26th September 2019 via Beardfire Music. Opening with the instantly infectious Don’t Tell My Mother - out now - KTG’s soft, folk-tinged vocals soar effortlessly over the vibrant musicality, reminding us immediately of the likes of Laura Marling or Wallis Bird. Throughout the mini-album, KTG combines modern folk, pop and even country-tinged sensibilities to create a sound that is both playful and poignant. Talking about the mini-album, KTG elaborates, “the album is based on the old wives tale for Magpies (one for sorrow, two for joy etc.) each track relates to one of the lines in the rhyme. It was inspired by my fascination for magpies and how paranoid I get when I only see one magpie by itself.”

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Nick Wilson shares stunning new video for Colour Me In!


Emerging artist Nick Wilson has now shared the gorgeously shot video for his latest single Colour Me In, which is out now. Filled with sparkling synths, soaring guitar licks and effortlessly sonic harmonies, Colour Me In is Wilson’s most powerful release to date. The single is oozing with ethereal soundscapes throughout, creating a sound akin to the likes of Astronomyy or Yoke Lore’s ability to create an undeniably immersive atmosphere. Colour Me In - co-written with Nick Atkinson and Edd Holloway(Gabrielle AplinLewis Capaldi) - is a classic love song wrapped up in modern pop sensibilities.

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Hein Cooper shares powerful visuals for new single Invincible!

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To celebrate the release of his majestic new album Underneath It All, emerging Australian artist Hein Cooper has now shared the stunning video for his single Invincible, out now via AntiFragile Music. Talking about the video - directed by Max Galassi - Cooper elaborates, "the idea was to have two characters from different backgrounds connect in a deep way. After we decided it would be an old guy and a young adult, I thought it would be cool to reverse the vibes they each had. I think it's more unusual for an older man to be bitter and for a younger guy with his whole life ahead of him to be optimistic and content, so we switched it round and I think it adds to the impact of the story. Family and true love are the most important things in my life and this video really brings me back to that realisation. I'm so proud of this video and I can't wait to see how it travels through people's hearts like it did mine."

Stream Underneath It All on all platforms now.