Friday Round-Up

Galileo's Fan release spellbinding new single I Won't Be Found!

Scottish duo Galileo’s Fan prepare to release their spellbinding new album, I Won’t Be Found, on 16th September 2019 via GF Records. Taken from the album is the duo's title track, which is out now. Each track combines subtle electronics with poignant harmonies and twinkling melodies to create Galileo’s Fan's signature indie-pop sound. Nods to their traditional folk roots can be found throughout the album, cleverly mixed with modern, celestial soundscapes to make their unique sound truly majestic. Fans of the likes of The Frames and Of Monsters and Men will feel at home here.

Stream I Won't Be Found on Spotify and Soundcloud now.

Big Indie Records announce Big Indie Summer Sessions with Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard!

popdooridea squareflat.jpg

Austin/London based label Big Indie Records are proud to present their brand new programme Big Indie Summer Sessions, in partnership with The Line of Best Fit, which kicks off on Wednesday, 31st July 2019 at Pop Brixton. Big Indie Summer Sessions is a new monthly event that will enable emerging artists showcase their latest material at one of London’s most exciting new venues. The first session will be headlined by Big indie Records’ latest signing Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard, with support from Ulysses Wells (also signed to Big Indie), Tally Spear and Sam Johnson. Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard’s upcoming single Love Forever is released just before the event on 26th July 2019, which takes inspiration from 70s greats such as T. Rex and Thin Lizzy, adding an extra element of scrappy swagger to the fold.

Free tickets available here.

Freja Frances releases impassioned new single The Wolf!

Freja cropped-25.jpg

Singer-songwriter Freja Frances prepares to pull at the heartstrings with her most poignant release to date. Freja's debut album The Funeral is out on 13th September 2019. Ahead of the release, Freja has now shared her impassioned new single The Wolf, which is out now. Talking about the single, Freja elaborates, "the song tells a story through fairytale inspired lyrics about two people who are struggling with mental illness and the social stigma that comes with it, they're trying to support each other but still always feel as though the wolf is close behind." Each track on the album is as bewitching as the next, Freja’s authentic, haunting vocals are able to soar over the stunning musicality effortlessly. Fans of the likes ofBillie Marten and Lorde will feel at home here.

Stream The Wolf on Spotify, Apple Music and Soundcloud now

Dudley Benson shares the visually striking new video for single Matariki!


New Zealand’s Dudley Benson is delighted to share his unique musical vision with a European audience as he releases the striking video for single Matariki, which premiered exclusively on Clash Magazine's website. In New Zealand, Matariki is the time of year when the Pleiades constellation appears in the midwinter sky, representing the Maori New Year. Māori see this as a time to think about people in their lives who have passed away, with the Matariki star cluster a channel to communicate with them. Working with Tokyo-based New Zealand illustrator Emile Holmewood, Dudley brings Matariki to life through a beguiling visual journey. The video takes inspiration from the research Dudley undertook when makingZealandia, exploring landforms, geology and what we can learn about ourselves from the Earth. As science meets pop, the Matariki video is a passage through time, creation and destruction, and millennia in a few minutes.

Tia Gostelow returns with uplifting new single Get To It!

Tia 2019.jpg

Australian artist Tia Gostelow returns with her uplifting new single, Get To It, out now via AntiFragile Music. Combining warm melodies with a rich musicality and Tia’s distinctive vocal style, Get To It feels instantly infectious. The singalong chorus allows listeners to completely immerse themselves in the highly relatable lyrics, sounding akin to the likes of Mallrat and Julia Jacklin. Talking about the single, Tia elaborates “Get To It is about not waiting until you think something is perfect to do it, not following the norm and doing things on your own terms. This is a new mindset for me, becoming more self-aware and not allowing my own fears to hold me back and keep me from being the best version of myself, regardless of who likes it or not.”

Stream Get To It on Spotify and Apple Music now.

Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard reinvent rock for the modern age with Love Forever!

Buzzard Press Shot 1.jpg

Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard reinvent rock for the modern age with their fuzz-filled new single, Love Forever, out now via Big Indie Records. Their exhilarating new release takes inspiration from 70s greats such as T. Rex and Thin Lizzy, adding an extra element of scrappy swagger to the fold. Frontman Tom Rees’ distinctive lead vocal feels instantly reminiscent of the likes of Marc Bolan, whilst the raw, reverb-heavy twangs of the guitar take us back into the sweaty 21st century. The quartet’s energy is in full-throttle throughout, showcasing their trademark ability to create compelling garage-pop with maximum fuzz. You can also catch the band live when they headline the first ever Big Indie Summer Sessions, in association with The Line of Best Fit, on 31st July 2019 at Pop Brixton.

Stream Love Forever on all platforms here.

Canary Gold's layered, offbeat soundscapes soar on the spellbinding new single Hummingbird!


Glasgow based two-piece Canary Gold are delighted to announce the release of their dynamic new single, Hummingbird, out now via Master Closet Records.

Consisting of brothers Spencer and JP O’Grady, Canary Gold were formed in Aberdeen in 2016 after the duo began writing songs together. Formulating a strong idea of what their sound should be, the brothers utilised piano as a driving force in all of their songs with the aim of setting themselves apart from the customary indie rock band set-up.

Hummingbird characterises the duos soaring sound. Combining simple piano with an earthy, rich lead vocal, Canary Gold produce an eclectic offbeat sound complimented by layered chanting, hand claps and tribal-like beats, creating a spellbinding, complex piece of music. Stream Hummingbird on Spotify or via the Soundcloud stream below.