Friday Round-Up

KTG gets us in the mood for Summer with Strawberries!


Irish singer-songwriter KTG - aka Katie Gallagher - has now shared her vibrant new single Strawberries, which is taken from her debut mini-album, Searching For Magpies, out on 26th September 2019. Strawberries feels as though it could have come straight out of KT Tunstall’s back catalogue, as the folk-pop melodies mix with funk-infused guitars, creating something undeniably feel-good and addictive. Talking about the single, KTG elaborates, “Strawberries is just a really fun track that makes you want to go out and take on the town! Where Don’t Tell My Mother was about the second chance, Strawberries is the beginning! Who knew a strawberry flavoured Kopperberg could have been such an inspiration?!”

Stream Strawberries on Spotify and Soundcloud now.

Gallery 47 gets your toes tapping with Rolling Tight!


Alt-folk troubadour Gallery 47 - aka Jack Peachey - has now shared his uplifting new singleRolling Tight, which is out now. This is the second single to be released from Gallery 47's colourfully poignant upcoming album Chaos Ensued, out on 23rd August 2019 via Bad Production Records. Peachey combines his trademark folk sensibilities with splashes of blues rock, post-punk and classic rock to create something that is undeniably unique. His new found sound is bold, brave and dynamic, whilst still maintaining his signature ability to write wistful tales of melancholy that are highly relatable. Fans of the likes of Bob Dylan and Canned Heat  will feel at home here.

Stream Rolling Tight on Soundcloud now.

Bubbatrees showcase a brooding, synth-heavy sound on the brooding new single Alchemy!


Glaswegian quartet Bubbatrees have released their brooding new single Alchemy. Dark, tantalising synths set the tone before pulsating drum beats and reverb-heavy guitar twangs takeover, creating a sound that is both celestial and sonically powerful. Frontman Andrew Gibb’s deep, rich vocal resonates effortlessly over the eerie soundscapes, reminiscent of the likes of The Horrors andThese New Puritans. Talking about Alchemy, Gibb elaborates “‘Alchemy' by definition is the transformation of a base metal into gold, the song takes this idea and builds upon it metaphorically. It’s about how we are experiencing an old way of life transforming into a new one and how the more natural, less technological age is transgressing into an ever evolving digital age." Alchemy is out now and available to stream and embed on Spotify and via the Soundcloud link below.

Nick Wilson shares evocative new single Carry Your Light!


Ambient-electronic artist Nick Wilson prepares to immerse listeners with his celestial collection of alt-pop vignettes. His latest EP A Face I’ve Never Seen Before is out now via Never Fade Records. To celebrate, Wilson has shared the powerful new single Carry Your Light; an evocative ballad laden with emotion, creating a calming blend of soul-tinged pop that is bound to pull at the heartstrings. Talking about the EP, Wilson elaborates, “it’s a culmination of writing non-stop and figuring out exactly what type of music I wanted to make. I wrote all four tracks with Nick Atkinson and Edd Holloway (Lewis Capaldi,Gabrielle Aplin) over two years. We never had the intention of releasing this as a body of work, but once we had all the songs together they just made sense. They all have a central theme - human connection, and the feelings that develop between relationships, but each song explores a different emotion.”

Stream A Face I've Never Seen Before on Spotify and Apple Music now.

Idlewild share There's A Place For Everything video & announce November tour!


Following the critical acclaim of their eighth studio album Interview Music, out now via Empty Words, Idlewild have now released an unusual and playful video for their new single There's a Place For Everything. Following a summer of festival dates across the country, the quartet will also be gearing up to hit the road once again in November. Tickets are available here. There's A Place For Everything reflects on the passing of time with playful and somewhat surreal lyrics.Roddy Woomble’s powerfully assured vocals soar effortlessly over the bright, synth-infused melodies creating a sound akin to the likes of Talk Talk and Tears For Fears. The video, directed by Danny Grant, takes inspiration from Ingmar Bergman with a darker and more emotionally fraught, interpretation of the lyrics, but done with subtle humour.

Stream and purchase Interview Music on Spotify & Apple Music now.

Glossii release raucous new single Watching Me!


South London four-piece, Glossii mean business with their raucous new single Watching Me, which is out now. The single is drenched in hard-hitting riffs, pulsating drum beats and a snarling attitude throughout, sounding akin to the likes of Garbage or Wolf Alice instantly. Front woman Sofia Zanghirella’s raw, impassioned vocals combined with an impressively dynamic rhythm section creates the ubiquitous back-beat for Sofia’s femme-fatale lyrical insight. Fusing a multitude of genres spanning post-punk, alt.rock, disco punk and garage punk, Glossii embody the rebellious zeitgeist of 90’s and early 00’s female fronted rock bands.