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Latest news

Introducing… Yvonne McDonnell!

For fans of... Laura Marling, First Aid Kit, Kate Rusby, Lisa Hannigan

"It's music that is genuinely felt." - Gigslutz

"...a newcomer to contemporary folk music but whom we feel will be making her mark..." - Folk Radio

Over the past few decades, we’ve seen an incredible rise in talented female singer songwriters making a profound impact upon contemporary folk music. Newcomer Yvonne McDonnell is another to add to the burgeoning list as she makes her mark with the release of forthcoming EP Not Her Own out on Friday 17th June 2016 via Reality Is Over.

Taken from the EP, the single I'm Not This Layer Of Skin premiered on Folk Radio and you can also stream it now via Yvonne's Soundcloud page.

Yvonne's EP Not Her Own is all about empowerment; about having the ability to positively stand up to life’s daily struggles, delivered through the effervescent beauty of Yvonne’s emotive vocals. Yvonne is not only inspired by musical influences such as Nick Cave and Joanna Newsom, but also by poets such as Alfred Lord Tennyson and Edgar Allen Poe, helping to inspire her to write the opening tracks I’m Not This Layer Of Skin and The Savages. Both these songs are skilfully written and performed with the same story-telling charm that has worked so well for to the likes of Laura Marling, Lisa Hannigan and Kate Rusby. McDonnell’s hypnotic vocal remains centre-stage throughout the four track EP, with her unique vibrato blending in effortlessly with the warped guitars and hypnotic violin, a clear nod to her Irish roots.

Originally from East London, Yvonne started performing acoustically in 2012 at university in Portsmouth. She soon got addicted to the live circuit and was later joined by violinist Maria Kroon - who also contributes heavily on Not Her Own. Yvonne’s debut EP Endless Soul received praise from the likes of Gigslutz and Pure M Magazine and she has also performed live sessions for Sofar Sounds in London and Cambridge amongst others. The release of Not Her Own will see Yvonne take another step up the folk ladder as she introduces the listener to a fresh, darker exploration of British modern folk.

The single I'm Not This Layer Of Skin and EP Not Her Own are both out on Friday 17th June 2016 via Reality Is Over.

If you'd like more information on Yvonne McDonnell or our PR services, please email
Posted Tue, 03 May 2016 in Yvonne McDonnell

Polsky release free download track ‘Minimax’!

For fans of... Maxïmo Park, The Futureheads, The The, Orange Juice

"... poised, dramatic songwriting, outwardly spiky but retaining a romantic core." - Clash

"...POLSKY are most certainly ones to watch." - Gigslutz

New wave pop-rockers POLSKY are back with the release of their fantastic new track 'Minimax', the b-side to the bands debut single Switchboard Operator featured on their forthcoming album My Own Company due for release on 13th May 2016. 'Minimax' is free to download from the bands Bandcamp page and is released ahead of their single launch show at the Catford Constitutional Club on Friday, 29th April.

Download 'Minimax' now from the Polsky Bandcamp page or by clicking the embed below.

Previous single Switchboard Operator premiered on Clash and is available to stream from the bands Soundcloud page. The video premiered on Gigslutz and is available to watch on the band's YouTube channel.

Polksy's debut album My Own Company is a frenetic journey of post-punk urgency, electro hysteria and a shaky egg, as you accompany the protagonist trying to find their place in the world whilst negotiating a maelstrom of mass consumerism, media bombardment, social pressures and "the fear that your decaff skinny mocha-frappe no-foam venti won’t be served at precisely 63 degrees". Featuring special guest appearances from the likes of Joe Watson (Stereolab) and Chris Tickner and the Gregorian Singers (Enigma/Rick Wakeman), My Own Company is a pop record of multiple personalities.
Granted with a rare opportunity to peer behind the curtain and get a glimpse into the world of POLSKY, I spoke to founder and CEO, Chris Warren about the origins and vision of the band with the anti-corporate ethic. Warren simply stated “POLSKY are a band of the people, by some people”.
Warren (vocals, guitar) explained that POLSKY has evolved from bedroom laptop electronics to a fully-formed, energetic pop band with the appointment of the executive board; Senior Synth Architect, Ben Warn (keyboards), Rhythm Logistics Engineer, Alex Robertson (drums) and Low Frequency Systems Analyst Chris Norman (bass).

Starting his musical career under the wing of Cocteau Twins' Robin Guthrie, while working in their September Sound studio, Warren paid close attention to Guthrie's production and writing techniques while absorbing ideas from sessions with Echo and the Bunnymen, Nick Lowe, Terry Hall, Ian Brodie, Billy Mackenzie and many others.
Warren played in several bands throughout the noughties, including Shadow Orchestra (now Talk In Colour) and agit-pop band BIB - who were given an NME 'single of the week' and toured with XX Teens. During this period he formulated his musical vision for what would become POLSKY and My Own Company, a collection of perfectly formed pop songs about corporate zombies, elderly love affairs, brain function, mid-nineties video game addiction and the undeniable human obsession with shouting louder than everyone else.
Join POLSKY. Embrace their manifesto. Live their ethos. Dance their dance. All applications considered.

My Own Company by Polsky is released on the 13th May 2016 via Product with 'Minimax' available to download for free from the Polsky Bandcamp page.
If you'd like more information on POLSKY or our PR services, please email

Posted Fri, 29 Apr 2016 in Polsky

Vienna Ditto Releases “Tiny Tamborines” Remix

For fans of... The Cramps, Portishead, Quentin Tarantino, The Long Blondes, The B-52s

"...woozy synths, skittering arpeggios, and explosions of sequined electronics..." -

“…wild-eyed rockabilly riffs with sparse, atmospheric electronica.” - Q Magazine

Eccentric alternative duo Vienna Ditto have released a remix for their track Tiny Tamborines, by musician and producer Graeme Rawson aka Forget Gravity.

The remix premiered on Earmilk and is available to stream via Forget Gravity's Soundcloud page.

Forget Gravity is also a part of Ubiquity Project Records - along with Vienna Ditto - and has previously released two highly successful EPs Forget Gravity I and II, with lead single Fires At Night attracting over 500,000 views and streams across online platforms worldwide. Forget Gravity's first full-length debut album is due for release mid 2016.

Tiny Tambourines (Forget Gravity Remix) blends the style of the two bands brilliantly using dance-like beats, arpeggios and synth work from Forget Gravity and using Hatty Taylor's beautiful lead lines and melodies.

Vienna Ditto has also recently released their video for Ticks, which combines gospel blues, surf rock and primitive electronica to create a sound that is full of naïve wonder. You can watch the hilarious video now via the band's YouTube channel.

Vienna Ditto’s brand new EP Ticks is a collection of seven sonically-alluring sci-fi blues tracks that slip somewhere between a Quentin Tarantino soundtrack, a charity shop Bacharach-on-the-Moog-Synthesizer album and a bad night on the brown acid.

Each track has its own sound; Frank Account swaggers like a glam rock incarnation of the Andrews Sisters, whilst infectiously-catchy title track Ticks - which grouches along on a deeply Kinks-y riff and a Planet Rock electro beat - crackles with a nameless, twitchy paranoid disgust. The EP also features more gospel-influenced tracks such as Motherless Child, which feels almost like it could be a cut from an Etta James or Nina Simone record, with lead singer Hatty Taylor’s smokey, bruised vocals taking centre stage. The band put the dark, almost dystopian vibe that clings to the whole affair down to “...mainly being up at night, not eating so good and watching (German 20s Expressionist film) Metropolis over and over”.

Vienna Ditto have already received praise from the likes of Q Magazine, Artrocker, BBC Radio 1’s Huw Stephens and BBC 6Music’s Tom Robinson amongst others. With Ticks, the unlikely, delectable and ever-so-slightly dysfunctional duo delve a little deeper into the phenomenal sonic capabilities of combining blues, electronica and surf rock to create something truly mesmerising. Catch Vienna Ditto live at the following dates, with tickets available from their website.

30th April Art House Cafe - Southampton
6th May - St James Wine Vaults - Bath
12th May - The Bullingdon - Oxford
13th May - Rising Sun Arts Centre - Reading
14th May - The Moon Club - Cardiff
28th May - Peripheral Festival - Norwich
29th May - Common People Festival - Oxford
3 - 4th June - Brew At The Bog - Inverness
5 - 7th August - Sunflowerfest - Hillsborough

Ticks is out on 13th May 2016 via Ubiquity Project Recordings and is available to pre-order via the duo's Bandcamp page now.

If you'd like more information on Vienna Ditto or our PR services, please email
Posted Fri, 29 Apr 2016 in Vienna Ditto