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Latest news

ISLE share new ‘Faults’ video!

For fans of... MGMT, Two Door Cinema Club, Jonsi

“...a neat, precise slice of artful pop.” - Clash

ISLE have shared the video for their latest single Faults, which is out now and available to buy on iTunes and stream on Spotify.

The video premiered on The Skinny and is also available to watch on the band's YouTube channel.

Faults features the band’s signature euphoric pop, ending the year on a high with their huge sound. It is about telling yourself that it’s ok to make mistakes growing up, as long as you learn from them. Melodically, the single is taut, hooky and uplifting, brimming with electrifying energy.

The audio, which premiered on Clash, is also available to stream via ISLE's Soundcloud page.

ISLE are multi-instrumentalists Liam John Rutherford and Ben Singer. Based in the Scottish Borders, the talented duo pride themselves on producing everything from their artwork and videos to their production all done independently.

This year they headlined the BBC Introducing stage at T in the Park and have built a strong following with support from the likes of BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio Scotland, Amazing Radio and Radio X with the likes of Clash, DIY, Gold Flake Paint and Louder Than War singing the band praises online.

Faults is out now and available to buy on iTunes and stream on Spotify

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Posted Wed, 07 Dec 2016 in ISLE

The Imagineers release single ‘Utopian Dreams’!

For fans of... The Growlers, Ben Folds, Burt Bacharach, Ennio Morricone

"...fuses strident indie songwriting with ambitious, widescreen arrangements." - Clash

"...emphatic, inspired and distinctive." - Tenement TV

Eclectic Scottish five-piece The Imagineers make a welcome return with the release of their first single and title-track from the forthcoming album Utopian Dreams, due for release on 24th February 2017 via Hit The Light Records. The single is out now and available to buy on iTunes and stream on Spotify.

The video for the single premiered on Clash and is now available to view via The Imagineers YouTube channel.

The audio for the single premiered on Tenement TV which is now available to stream on The Imagineers Soundcloud page.

The album is full of melodic twists and turns throughout; taking in elements of west coast surf, baroque pop, and singer songwriter, giving the album a film score feel. However, there is no denying a clear brill building pop inspiration and the band’s unique take on it, creating a sonic storyboard that could have starred the likes of Burt Bacharach and David Bowie, orchestrated by Ennio Morricone. The Imagineers have endeavoured to create an intriguing sound akin to The Growlers combined with a storytelling quality that would make Ben Folds proud. Lead singer Stevie Young’s (vocals, guitar) undeniable Scottish twang, as well as the band’s natural cinematic flare, mean that The Imagineers have created a sound uniquely their own.

After the original band members parted ways in 2013, Stevie travelled Europe with his guitar in tow, finding new inspiration by playing with various musicians around rural Spain, France and Italy. Eventually, Utopian Dreams was created and, with the help of producer Tommy Phillips (keys), the record began to take shape. With Scott Forsyth (drums, percussion, backing vocals), David Dunsmuir (bass) and Craig McGown (lead guitar, backing vocals) added to the ranks, The Imagineers were officially reborn.

The band appeared on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson in 2012, before receiving praise from an array of publications including The ScotsmanThe Skinny, The Daily Record and The Evening Times as well as performing live at festivals T in The Park and Wickerman.

Title-track Utopian Dreams is out now and available to buy on iTunes and stream on Spotify. The Imagineers forthcoming album Utopian Dreams is out on 24th February 2017 via Hit The Light Records.

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Posted Mon, 05 Dec 2016 in The Imagineers

Law Holt releases new mini album ‘Gone’!

"Playful pop with sinister undertones..."

"...explosive..." - The Line of Best Fit

“...magnificent.” - The Skinny

For fans of... Young Fathers, Mykki Blanco, Death Grips, ABRA

Fresh from the release of debut album City, a UK tour with Mykki Blanco and love from Spin, DIY, Huck, The Skinny, The Line of Best Fit, Drowned in Sound, Notion and many more, Law Holt has now released her mini album Gone, out now via Soulpunk and available to buy on iTunes and stream on Spotify.

Holy is the latest single to be released from Gone. The video premiered on Kalt Blut and can now be streamed via Law's YouTube channel.

The audio for the track premiered on Northern Transmissions and can be streamed via Law Holt's Soundcloud page.

Gone is the second part of the mini saga that began with City. Gone focusses on the biggest, most important subject, love, from the most personal viewpoint.

It’s Autumn going on Winter in the big city.

A young woman is starting her life, away from the constrictions of her family in a small town. Her new life feels like it starts because of a man. In a compact time period she develops a legend around their relationship. They’re going to get married. She pours everything into what they have, even though she knows it will never last, even though she knows he will move on... sooner rather than later. He doesn’t want her to photograph him, he seems frightened by her passion and her thirst.

He is dispassionate. But that’s okay, this is her story, not his - she’s got enough passion for two and more.

Law Holt, in a deep melancholy of browns and greys, channels that one room city living self exploration that happens when we are surrounded by millions of people we will never know. A sweeter Berlin tale. A caustic Sade in Lou Reed leathers.

Her voice is as individual as Macy Gray’s, as potent as an RnB diva who has absorbed the crystalline tones of Broadcast’s Trish Keenan then turned left and then left again into waters unchartered.

The UK seldom produces true soul voices. Law Holt stands outside the battle between X-Factor hollerers and cutesy-wootsy mandolin banging part-timers, with her back turned, looking towards the sunset over the rooftops, articulating that.

Mini album Gone is out now via Soulpunk and available to buy on iTunes and stream on Spotify.

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Posted Fri, 02 Dec 2016 in Law Holt