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Latest news

Rebecca Lou revisits her teen heartaches on the euphoric single Under The Moon!

"...rebecca lou brings with her a mission statement to capitalise on the lessons laid down by the riot grrrls before her…" - Team Rock

" instant earworm..." - Get In Her Ears

For Fans of... Joan Jett, Kelly Clarkson, Pink

Danish rocker Rebecca Lou has followed up her riot grrrl-indebted debut single, Bitch U Look Good, with the sublime pop-rock ballad Under The Moon out now via We Are Suburban and available to stream on Spotify. Inspired by her "old emo headaches" as a teenager, Under The Moon highlights Rebecca's rich, soaring vocals through a killer chorus that emphasises each melancholic lyric as they pour out from the speakers.

Full moon...

• The audio for Under The Moon premiered on Get In Her Ears!
• This followed debut single Bitch U Look Good with the audio premiering on Punktastic and the video premiering on Team Rock alongside a 10 Best Riot Grrrl Albums feature written by Rebecca and guitarist Joachim Holmgaard.
•Rebecca Lou will support Le Butcherettes at Loppen Copenhagen on 23rd March.

For more information about Rebecca Lou or our services please contact
Posted Thu, 15 Mar 2018 in Rebecca Lou

Intergalactic archeologists Moviestar tackle depression with the best medicine…

"Supreme art-pop that is unafraid to deviate from the norm..." - Clash

"Nothing's off-limits...." - Team Rock

For Fans of... Television, LCD Soundsystem, The Go! Team

Moviestar have shared a brand new video for Lonely, a song which tackles mental health issues head on. Infinity Vik explains "it tells the tale of how a tiny spark set the universe, and everything it contains, in motion. No one is nothing. Everyone is everything. The sensation of loneliness is therefore an illusion, so please don’t worry. Music is the medicine for these kinds of illusions.”

Their mission...

• The video premiered exclusively on Northern Transmissions.
• Moviestar formed in the future on planet Fenris where the dynamic trio were chosen to go on a dangerous mission through space and time to retrieve “the stone” and save the world.
•Moviestar have received support from the likes of Clash, Team Rock and Atwood Magazine for their previous singles Stupid People and Chosen Ones.

For more information about Moviestar or our services please contact
Posted Thu, 15 Mar 2018 in Moviestar

Alternative rockers Leisure Tank make some serious waves with new single ‘Higher’!

"...powerful indie-rock..." - Punktastic

Influenced by alternative, independent and analogue rock music of the last 50 years, Leisure Tank create raw, minimalistic rock with unpredictable song structures and heavy, danceable grooves. Higher combines K.C McKanzie’s dynamic vocal and energetic guitar riffs with Budi’s pulsating drum beats to create something both distinctive and undeniably catchy.

Reaching even higher heights...

• Higher premiered exclusively on Punktastic.
• Leisure Tank are currently on tour and will be playing at London's Nambucca tonight! - Info
•Full list of tour dates - including Brighton, Deal and Newcastle - can be found here.

For more information about Leisure Tank or our services please contact
Posted Wed, 14 Mar 2018 in Leisure Tank