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Latest news

Introducing… Turning Plates!

For fans of: Agnes Obel, Sigur Ros, Album Leaf, Sufjan Stevens

Turning Plates are delighted to announce their self-released debut album, The Shouting Cave, part funded by Creative Scotland, available on 22nd September 2014.

Download and stream album track 'Falling Lives' via the ABoF SoundCloud page.

You can watch the beautifully choreographed video that accompanies the track on the Turning Plates YouTube channel.

The Shouting Cave is a concept album that explores the effect of the Internet on Society. The band argue that the Internet is the purest reflection of humanity, a world built entirely of our own thoughts, emotions and desires - “a sea to float our dreams”, as described in the album track 'The Human Isle'. What do we see in that reflection? Have we stopped to think? The album explores these questions by portraying the Internet as a new wilderness into which we are born, telling individual stories within the overarching theme. Tracks such as ‘Falling Lives’ and ‘Wild Roots’ showcase the band’s cinematic style through delicate but powerful soundscapes, reminiscent of Sigur Ros and Four Tet, while ‘Havoc’ and ‘Animals’ lift the tempo, focusing on intertwining melodies and heartfelt vocal lines in the style of Bon Iver and Sufjan Stevens.  The message of The Shouting Cave is laid bare in the final two tracks of the album; the gloriously dark track ‘The Human Isle’ describes a desolate world which then blossoms into the culminating track ‘Things Grow’, with its unyielding chant “Things grow, Things grow legs and run wild”.

Duncan Sutherland (vocals & guitar), Jason Matthews (piano, clarinet, synth & bass), Jackie Baxter (cello), Tom Smith (trombone & violin) and Stephen Coleman (drums & percussion) came together due to a shared love of Radiohead and Mogwai. The band has a strong background in classical training, sharing five music degrees amongst them, which allows a freedom and understanding of experimental arrangements both live and recorded. The band toured the East Coast of the US (coinciding with Hurricane Sandy), bringing their passion for composition to their live shows and ensuring each one has its own developing theme. The video for ‘Falling Lives’ showcases their enthusiasm for cross-art collaboration, featuring a beautifully choreographed interpretive dance that both illuminates and compliments the tone of the music. Each track on The Shouting Cave is strong enough to stand on its own merit, but listened to in its entirety the album irresistibly comes to life.

The Shouting Cave is released on 22nd September 2014.

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Posted Mon, 21 Jul 2014 in Turning Plates

Introducing… Marc Burrows!

Comedian and Music Journalist Marc Burrows returns to the Edinburgh Fringe with his brand new show, The Ten Best Songs Of All Time. It serves as an autobiography through music via the ten most important songs of Marc’s life, the songs he genuinely thinks are the best ever written. Through these songs he springboards into stories, silly facts and ridiculous singing.

Marc Burrows is now in his 6th year of stand up. Prior to performing he served a two year apprenticeship behind the scenes in the comedy industry working as a live booker for Avalon & Best Medicine, and commissioning, producing and writing online sketches full time for Comedybox and Funny or Die, jobs he describes as “far more valuable than any comedy course”. He performed his first gig at the 2008 Fringe and hit the circuit hard in January 2009, gigging consistently ever since.
At the 2009 Fringe he put together & compered the near sell-out, five star-rated The Big Comedy Breakfast, also featuring Diane Spencer, Sarah Pearce and Robert Auton, which returned in 2010, and made his solo debut in 2011 with The 90s In Half an Hour, appearing again the following year with his second fringe solo show, An Indie Boy’s Guide To Sex & Girls.

Away from stand up Marc writes about music for The Guardian, The Quietus and Drowned In Sound, among others, and also plays bass in the critically acclaimed Steampunk band The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing, alongside cult comedian Andrew O’Neill. The band have released 2 albums of punk-fuelled modern Musical Hall metal,
played across the UK & US including Glastonbury, Latitude, the Edinburgh Fringe and Bestival, and have a growing and dedicated fanbase which includes writers Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman, and comic Phil Jupitus.

You can watch Marc Burrows performing The Ten Best Songs Of All Time for free at Maggie’s Front Room, The Three Sisters, 139 Cowgate, Venue 272 from 1st August until 23rd August 2014.

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Posted Wed, 16 Jul 2014 in Marc Burrows

The Helmholtz Resonators release single ‘Sunshine/Shadow’!

For fans of: Stealing Sheep, The Beta Band, Super Furry Animals

"...simplistic yet evidently obscenely catchy lyrics. There’s more than a hearty dash of Beta Band thrown in to the mix..."
- The Vinyl District

The Helmholtz Resonators, a renegade group of psychedelic time travelling audio scientists who have been playing and writing music together since the turn of the century, have released their latest single Sunshine/Shadow via Genepool. Order the limited edition orange vinyl via the band's official website or download the single via iTunes.

Watch the video for Sunshine via The Helmholtz Resonators YouTube channel.

You can also watch the video for Shadow via the band's YouTube channel.

Sunshine/Shadow captures both sides of the band’s personality, making perfect sense as a double A side single. ‘Sunshine’ is a bright slice of electronic feel-good electronica with upbeat lyrics, while ‘Shadow’ is a sinister tale of beady eyed shadow people, omnipresent and always listening. You can stream it on the ABoF SoundCloud page.

The band formed when Garland Vanderbilt discovered an old Burg organ in a skip. After rescuing and installing it in his studio he was thrilled to find it still working and sounding great, if slightly strange! They studied acoustic science and the work of Hermann Von Helmholtz, being particularly inspired by his book On the Wires of our Nerves, essential reading for anyone interested in the science of sound and sound synthesis.
Around the same time Carlton Breezy had an old hyper-fuzz pedal he never liked the sound of when used with his guitar, so he discarded the guitar and found the fuzz perfect with an old 1970s precision bass. Chladni Plates was thrilled; he had wanted to form a “hatstand of psychedelia” for some time.

Heavily inspired by the ethos behind concept albums, the band have created a repertoire of songs that are as eccentric as their image, touching on influences as diverse as The Residents and The Kinks to LCD Soundsystem and Hieronymous Bosch and picking up support from the likes of XFM’s Eddy Temple Morris, BBC 6Music’s Marc Riley, Frank Skinner’s Absolute Radio Show, Timeout and The Independent.

Sunshine/Shadow is released via Genepool Records. Order the limited edition orange vinyl via the band's official website or download the single via iTunes.

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Posted Mon, 14 Jul 2014 in The Helmholtz Resonators