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Latest news

Moviestar share new video for ‘Chosen Ones’!

For fans of... LCD Soundsystem, The Go! Team, Marvel / DC Comics

"Supreme art-pop that is unafraid to

deviate from the norm..."
- Clash

"Nothing's off-limits..." - Team Rock

" experimental, comic-book-worthy story: It dives into why we, as a society, need heroes more than ever before."
- Atwood Magazine

Intergalactic archeologists Moviestar are here with an extremely important message to spread far and wide. In a time when the media is filled with fake news, Moviestar are here to speak up and save earth from metallic war. Their latest release Chosen Ones isn’t just a single, its a news cast of high importance, sent from the future, as now’s the time to speak up.

The video for the single premiered on Clash and is also available to watch on the band's YouTube channel.

This video has been sent directly from the future. It features the ‘AV-News’ trio as well as The Future High Commander of the universe, President Supremius XIII, warning everyone on planet earth about what the future could hold if we don’t wake up and make a change. Infinity Vik explains “The bird in the newscast represents the fragile and endangered species living on earth, but first and foremost mankind and womankind. We as future humans have put the early human on the endangered species list. You, our ancestors, take life for granted. The media of today is filled with fake news and jokes. This is merely done to confuse people on earth so that they will not think about searching for the truth. In the future we can not believe that people accept the jokes people are fed. People can’t even grasp the significance of Oumuamua passing by! They are more concerned with President Trump’s golfing.”

The single originally premiered on Atwood Magazine and is available to stream on the band's Soundcloud page and on Spotify now.

Moviestar are like no other band on earth. Having formed in the future on planet Fenris, Infinity Vik, The Octopus Goddess and The Anaconda create their own unique version of art punk pop, filled with sonic twists and eccentric electronica throughout. The dynamic trio were chosen to go on a dangerous mission through space and time to retrieve “the stone” and save the world. Moviestar were then sent to Norway, the safest nation in the world, in the dreaded year of 2016.

Moviestar are not just a band, they are a reality experience. Their live shows encompass performance, art, storytelling, fashion and music in a whole new transcending form. Infinity Vik is a true performer with an explosive stage presence, having been compared to being a female incarnation of the likes of David Bowie and Freddie Mercury.

Chosen Ones, a ‘Peace, Love and Hope Anthem’ from the future, is out now and available to buy on iTunes and stream on Spotify.

Moviestar's debut album Stupid People / Happy Days is out on 9th February 2018 via Oh Yeah!.

If you'd like to find out more about Moviestar or A Badge of Friendship's PR services, please email
Posted Mon, 15 Jan 2018 in Moviestar

Kid Cupid share new video for ‘Easy’!

For fans of... Oh Wonder, SOHN, Låpsley, Little Dragon

"...throbbing, pulsating beats and

glitchy electronic hooks with

swooning melodies..."
- Celeb Mix

"... they’re masters of steamy, sultry melodies and neon soundscapes." - M Magazine

Following the success of previous singles Blue Moon and Siren, London-based Kid Cupid released the captivating Easy at the end of last year, and have now shared a brand new video for the single.

The video premiered on M Magazine and is now available to watch on Kid Cupid's YouTube channel.

You can also listen to the single via the band's Soundcloud page now.

Delving into the harsh realities of addiction and the internal conflicts of self-destruction, Easy juxtaposes a sense of fragility with blissful electro-pop sounds. Fusing together throbbing, pulsating beats and glitchy electronic hooks with sweeping melodies and the soulful purity of Laura Shaw’s impassioned vocals, Easy offers an epic, cinematic soundscape. Oozing a dark, haunting splendour, it’s a truly innovative creation filled with gritty textures and rich musical layers.

Having been gigging together for little under a year, Kid Cupid have built quite a reputation around London for their immersive live set with headline shows at The Garage, Proud Camden and Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen already under their belts. Now, having received support from the likes of BBC Introducing and Amazing Radio, they hope to charm listeners across the UK and beyond with their euphoric fusion of sounds and thought-provoking social commentaries.

Easy, the latest single from Kid Cupid, is out now, and is available to stream via Spotify and iTunes.

If you'd like to find out more about Kid Cupid or A Badge of Friendship's PR services, please email
Posted Wed, 10 Jan 2018 in Kid Cupid

Megan Henwood shares new single ‘Join The Dots (Ash Howes mix)’!

For fans of... Lucy Rose, Daughter, Little May

“…bravely down-to-earth and her songs impressively eclectic.”
- The Guardian

Since releasing her third album River in October, followed by a sold-out headline tour, acclaimed singer-songwriter Megan Henwood has now released a remix of the album’s lead track Join The Dots, out now via Dharma Records. It is available to stream on Spotify and buy on iTunes now.

The single is also available to stream on Megan's Soundcloud page now.

Remixed by Ash Howes (Bastille, The Corrs, Ellie Goulding), it’s an instantly catchy slice of sparkling folk-pop. The track builds in intensity as throbbing drum loops pulsate alongside Henwood’s rich, soulful vocals. Of the track, Megan explains “Join The Dots is about how retrospectively we can recall the same story but interpret it completely differently - sometimes in an unrealistically positive light, as if to save ourselves from the honest truth.” The single has a sophisticated musicality and emotion-strewn power, sounding akin to the likes of Daughter or Lucy Rose.

In 2009, Megan won the BBC Young Folk Award, aged 20, alongside her brother Joe. Since then, she has gone on to become a formidable British talent. Megan has received praise in numerous well-regarded publications including The Guardian, Uncut and Folk Radio as well as support from the likes of BBC Radio 2’s Mark Radcliffe, Simon Mayo, Terry Wogan and Janice Long to name but a few. Megan is also a regular on the UK live circuit, having played numerous festivals including Glastonbury, Cambridge Folk Festival and Secret Garden Party amongst others.

Join The Dots (Ash Howes mix) is out now via Dharma Records. It is available to stream on Spotify and buy on iTunes now.

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Posted Tue, 09 Jan 2018 in Megan Henwood