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Latest news

Glasgow’s Long-Distance share a moving tribute with their latest single…

"......they’ve mastered a beautifully haunting sound..."
- M Magazine

For Fans of... Amber Run, Nothing But Thieves, Coasts

Long Distance's lead singer Scott Gibbins explains “Be a Man is about dealing with grief and trying to fill those shoes as a family unit. It is also a thank you to my mother, for helping me learn how to support her now her husband is gone.” Gibbins’ strong, haunting lead vocal is able to soar effortlessly over cinematic soundscapes to create something truly atmospheric, sounding akin to the likes of Amber Run or Nothing But Thieves.

Not so Long-Distance...

Be a Man premiered exclusively on PRS' M Magazine.
• All profits from this single will be given to the Simon Community Scotland charity.
• Catch Long-Distance supporting Larkins and Noah Noah on 14th April 2018 at Broadcast, Glasgow - Tickets.

For more information about Long-Distance or our services please contact
Posted Mon, 19 Mar 2018 in Long-Distance

Forward-thinking trio HAWK go full shoegaze on their latest single!

"...after a series of barnstorming new

singles, they're looking hungrily at


"'s slow and confident, insistent even, with only crystalline vocals from frontwoman Julie HAWK carving through the shadows." - The Line Of Best Fit

For Fans of... Slowdive, Warpaint, Cocteau Twins, Daughter

Influenced by Loveless and Souvlaki, HAWK's latest single Keeps Me Out oozes a soaring, atmospheric grace as the delicate power of Julie Hawk’s celestial vocal flows over immersive, swirling hooks. It’s another simply exquisite creation from the forward-thinking band.

Keep going...

Keeps Me Out premiered exclusively on The Line Of Best Fit.
• HAWK will be playing at Whelan's, Dublin on 28th March 2018, as well as Liverpool Sound City on 5th May 2018 in association with The Local.
• HAWK have previously received support from Noisey, Stereogum, Wonderland, DIY and Team Rock to name but a few.
• In addition to their musical endeavours, front woman Julie is also a skilled illustrator and last year launched her project Female Fronted Drawn Together.

For more information about HAWK or our services please contact
Posted Mon, 19 Mar 2018 in HAWK

Rebecca Lou revisits her teen heartaches on the euphoric single Under The Moon!

"...rebecca lou brings with her a mission statement to capitalise on the lessons laid down by the riot grrrls before her…" - Team Rock

" instant earworm..." - Get In Her Ears

For Fans of... Joan Jett, Kelly Clarkson, Pink

Danish rocker Rebecca Lou has followed up her riot grrrl-indebted debut single, Bitch U Look Good, with the sublime pop-rock ballad Under The Moon out now via We Are Suburban and available to stream on Spotify. Inspired by her "old emo headaches" as a teenager, Under The Moon highlights Rebecca's rich, soaring vocals through a killer chorus that emphasises each melancholic lyric as they pour out from the speakers.

Full moon...

• The audio for Under The Moon premiered on Get In Her Ears!
• This followed debut single Bitch U Look Good with the audio premiering on Punktastic and the video premiering on Team Rock alongside a 10 Best Riot Grrrl Albums feature written by Rebecca and guitarist Joachim Holmgaard.
•Rebecca Lou will support Le Butcherettes at Loppen Copenhagen on 23rd March.

For more information about Rebecca Lou or our services please contact
Posted Thu, 15 Mar 2018 in Rebecca Lou