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Latest news

Me And My Drummer unveil dreamy video for Blue Splinter View!

For fans of... Florence + The Machine, Bat For Lashes, Jessie Ware

"...hauntingly gorgeous..." - DIY

" immaculate construction that feels altogether heartfelt." - The Line of Best Fit

Berlin based electro pop duo Me And My Drummer recently announced their second album Love Is A Fridge, due for release on February 12th 2016 via Sinnbus. The first track released from the album is Blue Splinter View and the band have just unveiled the video. In a nutshell, the band describe the video as featuring a "sad lady spinning in space," but we'll let you take a look for yourself.

The video for Blue Splinter View premiered on The Skinny and was directed by Berlin filmmaker Søren Schaller, watch it now on the band's YouTube page.

Blue Splinter View is one of the more introspective tracks on Love Is a Fridge. The song meanders through an Americana drenched verse, Charlotte Brandi's voice coming over almost as if she is singing a lullaby as a tambourine keeps the beat in the background. The strings that enter in the bridge hint at an impending change, however the power of the chorus, with it's choral, passionate vocals still knocks you back with it's power. In her own words Charlotte says it's "about spinning on your own axis in space", the lyrics eluding to the complex feelings we are confronted with during a break up, where the former partners remain close.

New album Love is a Fridge is ten perfect tracks nothing short of an electropop masterpiece as Matze Pröllochs and Brandi traverse a wide and varied soundscape. Her vocals are stronger than ever, enough to match the soulful electropop tones of Florence Welch or Jessie Ware. An album that musically covers a huge range of styles and ideas maintaining its bold feel and flavour for experimentation all the way through. If you imagine Bat For Lashes meets La Roux you’re close but there’s something somewhat celestial about Me And My Drummer that sets them apart

Blue Splinter View is out now and available on iTunes with Love is a Fridge slated for release on February 12th 2016 via Sinnbus.

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Posted Wed, 25 Nov 2015 in Me And My Drummer

Strange & Primitive’s self-titled debut album out now!

For fans of: Talk Talk, Errors, The Invisible, Zoot Woman

“…a journey through exotic, electro-tinged and undeniably catchy soundscapes.” - Exclaim!

"“…traces the border between the cerebral and the imaginative...” - Gigwise

Strange & Primitive's self-titled debut album is out now in the UK and EU via The Deep Floor Inc and available now on iTunes.

The Canadian duo recently released free track Highwayman, which premiered on Gigwise and is available to download now via the band's Soundcloud page.

You can listen to Highwayman and the other singles from the album on Soundcloud playlist.

You can watch the video for singles Difficulties Be Damned and Eureka on the band's YouTube channel.

The album is a cerebral journey through sound and space. Synth-infused melodies, dissonant beats, off-kilter riffs and emotive vocals fuse together, creating unique and intricate circuitry. Strange & Primitive is an album that feels like a newborn sentient being, its neurons pulsing with dark energy brought to life by the band’s curiosity to explore their musical boundaries.

Originally writing instrumental songs together, Jeff Musgrave and Graham Fish decided that vocals would give the band a more ‘human’ element to the music. The album is full of metaphors, riddles, dark fantasies and the pair’s deepest inner workings as they question people, life, motives, communication and power.

There’s a distinct 80s flavour to the album, albeit the darker side of the era. Difficulties Be Damned is tense - tribal beats and robotic synths entwine, crescendoing with electronic eloquence. The track is trance-like, with Musgrave channelling Mark Hollis-esque vocals, in homage to influences like Talk Talk. ‘Eureka’ is lighter in comparison but still in keeping with the bands brooding sound. ‘The Hunt Is Over’ harks back to the aforementioned Talk Talk’s moodier moments whilst track ‘Highwayman’ takes us for a drive in the dead of night, synth-laden beats and guitars fuelling the journey as the band steer us towards an end point that seems to mysteriously dim as we get ever closer. ‘Keep Your Eyes On Daylight’ is the one instrumental track on the album, which gives us an insight into the less ‘human’ element of the band, before they decided to add vocals to the proceedings. The 7-minute track breaks the continuity at the exact half-way point of the album as we reach our second act. Its filmic, futuristic quality sounds like a Tron: Legacy soundtrack that could have been.

Jeff and Graham grew up on different sides of Canada. Jeff was born in Osaka, Japan but brought up in Vancouver, with Graham born and raised in Guelph, Ontario. Jeff moved to Guelph to attend University in 2005, where he met Graham after responding to an advert looking for a singer / guitarist. They enjoyed jamming together, infusing their styles, honing their craft and released an instrumental album Melody In The Half-Light in 2012 under the name Audiograft. Self-titled album Strange & Primitive is their latest creation - a rebirth of enmeshed styles, influences and experiences.

In the studio, the pair take on whatever role is required of them with the exception that Jeff sings on every track. As Strange & Primitive they are one heart, one soul, one melodic organism brought to life by music.

Strange & Primitive’s self-titled debut album is out now in the UK and Europe via The Deep Floor Inc. and is available now on iTunes.

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Posted Tue, 24 Nov 2015 in Strange & Primitive

Another successful year for our bands and labels!

As we reach the end of the year, we thought we'd share some of the highlights here at ABoF HQ. We've been busy working hard with more bands and labels than ever in 2015, now offering radio plugging services alongside online and press and we now have our very own radio show on FUBAR Radio.

This year we've managed to help our bands reach some of the most important publications, websites and blogs on the scene with support from the likes of the Guardian, The Independent, The Times, Q, Kerrang!, Rock Sound, Vive Le Rock, DIY, Drowned in Sound, Noisey, The Line of Best Fit, Clash, The Quietus, The 405, Scotland on Sunday, The Sunday Herald, The List, The Skinny and many more.

As we inch closer towards 2016, we're now in the process of planning our release schedule from January onwards. We aim to build another sterling roster for the year ahead and we are now looking for bands, artists and labels from all over the world to come join us - as long as we love the music we're up for working with you.

Idlewild Returned!

Idlewild made a triumphant return to the scene, spending this last year on our wonderful roster, with the release of their album Everything Ever Written, which was a top 20 hit in the UK Album Charts. Together with ABoF we managed to spread the news of their return far and wide with heavy support from BBC 6Music, Dermot O'Leary on BBC Radio, a cover feature on The Skinny Magazine and glowing reviews from Drowned in Sound to The Independent and many more. We even managed to get How To Train Your Dragon / This Is The End actor Jay Baruchel (a lifelong fan of the band) over to feature in the video for the band's single Every Little Means Trust.

Our Labels...

Berlin based label Sinnbus continued to release an array of quality music with Canada's We Are The City releasing two albums this year to Danish pop kid Asbjørn making waves amongst the cool pop crowd from i-D to IDOL Magazine.

We Are The City's latest video for Kiss Me, Honey is available to watch now via YouTube.

Scotland - Staying True To Our Roots

We also continued to fly the flag for Scotland working with altruistic Glasgow based label Bloc+Music as well as an array of other releases from north of the border including Black International, Outblinker and We Came From Wolves.

The Van T's recently released their EP Laguna Babe via Bloc+Music, watch the video for the title track via YouTube.

A Badge of Friendship of FUBAR Radio!

In April we started a new music show on FUBAR Radio. Once a week we get to spin tracks from bands around the globe that aren't necessarily on our roster although we do highlight one ABoF artist once a week. So far, guests on the show have included Armando Iannucci (Veep, Alan Partridge), Andrew WK, Jay Baruchel (How To Train Your Dragon, This Is The End), Simon Neil (Biffy Clyro), The Twilight Sad, Pulled Apart By Horses and many more.

Listen to our soundtrack special with Armando Iannucci on Soundcloud.

Get In Touch!

If you'd like to get in touch, please send a Soundcloud or Bandcamp link (no attachments please) to and let us know what releases you have planned for the new year. We always listen to everything people are kind enough to send music our way.

We're looking forward to hearing from you!

If you'd like to check us out elsewhere online you can check out our bands on Soundcloud. We're also on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.