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Latest news

Introducing… Feldspar

For fans of: Iron & Wine, Arcade Fire, Elbow

Feldspar return with four single releases supported by their Compass tour. This Autumn, the band will present a single a month, starting with Song Without A Chorus, released via Green Tape Records.

The single premiered on Gigwise and you can now stream and dowload it on the band's SoundCloud page or via the embed below.

Although the four songs don’t tell an overarching story, together they demonstrate the band’s concern with songs that explore different sides of the human condition: heartache, lust, mortality, and anger. The opening single Song Without a Chorus is about loss and memory and its influence on writing and creativity. There’s a beautiful melancholy about the track, which combines these themes with the beautiful, rich melodies that have become Feldspar’s calling card. Although they grew up listening to acts like Nick Cave, and indeed there is a tinge of that dark folk feel throughout their songs, Feldspar have given their influences a modern twist creating an achingly beautiful indie sound that sits easily alongside lyrical indie bands such as The National and Villagers.

The Compass tour will see the band perform in the North, South, East and West as the band present their powerful live show to audiences around the UK. Their ambitious plan to release a single a month combined with their Compass tour is a glimpse into how far the band have come since their inception just over two years ago when Will Green, Ben Lloyd-Evans, Woody Feldwick, James Forster and Jonny Burgess first started performing together.

The band will play a single launch show at the Slaughtered Lamb in London on 4th September to promote the first of this series of singles, which will be the perfect chance to experience Feldspar’s impressive live performance which sets their melancholic songwriting against their engaging and lively stagecraft.

Song Without A Chorus is released via Green Tape Records. Download it for free via Feldspar's SoundCloud page.

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Posted Tue, 02 Sep 2014 in Feldspar

Algernon Doll releases free track ‘Candy-Striped’!

For fans of: Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Sebadoh, The Jesus Lizard

"…‘Omphalic’ is emotively conquering…"
- Rock Sound Magazine

"A Child of grunge comes of age." - The Herald

Algernon Doll has released 'Candy-Striped' as a free download. The video for the poignant track is a sight to behold, with stock footage and surreal imagery edited together to perfectly capture the tone of the song. The track is taken from their third album Omphalic, released via Struggletown Records.

The video premiered on Clash Music and you can now watch it via Algernon Doll's YouTube channel.

You can also stream and download the track for free via the ABoF SoundCloud page.

Algernon Doll's third album has already picked up a wealth of support, including features, reviews and exclusives from the likes of The Herald, Punktastic and AltSounds, and has seen them featured on the cover mount CD of Rock Sound Magazine as well as playing Radio 1's Big Weekend.
Later this year, the band plan on recording yet another album, this time with legendary producer Steve Albini.

Spilt Milk Perfume was the first single to be released from Omphalic and is available to download for free via the ABoF SoundCloud page and you can watch the video on Algernon Doll's YouTube channel. The band then released Suicide, the video of which was premiered exclusively on The Skinny - with the video and the track itself capturing the sweaty, youth infused spirit of grunge, but with an Algernon Doll edge. The track itself premiered on podcart and can now be downloaded for free from the ABoF SoundCloud page. The video for Algernon Doll's previous free single 'Justine' premiered on Altsounds and is still available to stream and download from the ABoF SoundCloud page.

Omphalic was mastered by Shellac's Bob Weston, who has production credits on a host of classic records such as Nirvana’s In-Utero, Shipping News, Missions of Burma, Chavez, June of 44, Rachel’s and LCD Soundsystem. The collaboration was a perfect fit creatively, producing an album full of raw angst complimented by catchy, energetic songwriting that tempts the listener back again and again.

Omphalic by Algernon Doll is released via Struggletown Records and can be purchased via BandCamp or you can pick up the vinyl at Struggletown Records' official site.

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Posted Mon, 01 Sep 2014 in Algernon Doll

Introducing… Hello Future!

For fans of: Biffy Clyro, Blink 182, Dinosaur Jr.

Hello Future’s debut single Do You Feel Alive will be released as a free download on 27th October 2014 via Saraseto Records. The band are heralding the new wave of artists emerging from Scotland that hark back to 90s American rock but with a distinct celtic edge.

The video that accompanies the single will be announced in the very near future and in the meantime you can stream the single on the ABoF SoundCloud or via the embed below.

Do You Feel Alive is full of youthful hope and promise, opening with chiming guitars that lead into a catchy chorus akin to Blink 182’s early days and breakdowns that Biffy Clyro would be proud of. However, there’s a strong hint of mid 90s American indie rock. The track itself is about reaching a crossroads, letting go of the past and moving forward - a sentiment that is reflected perfectly in the music, with the single coloured with a tinge of melancholy but also hope.

Liam McGowan, Ross Findlay, Stuart Harrison and Hamish Ferguson first came together in 2012 but after touring and playing for a few years under a different name they decided to change their sound, give the band a fresh name and a fresh start.

The single has already been championed by new music aficionado Jim Gellatly (XFM Scotland). With Do You Feel Alive being released as a free track on 27th October, this is only just the start for the band who plan to release another single and EP shortly after.

Do You Feel Alive is released for free on 27th October 2014 via Saraseto Records.

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Posted Fri, 29 Aug 2014 in Hello Future