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Latest news

Bloc+Music release Ensemble Part 1!

"Delete U2 and fit this on a playlist instead."
- The Sunday Herald

For fans of... Adam Stafford, Deathcats, Verse Metrics, Vasa

Bar Bloc are delighted to announce the release of the first of four free compilation albums via their Bloc+Music label, available to download for free now via Bandcamp.

A stream of the compilation album was exclusively hosted by The Skinny yesterday and is a veritable treasure trove of some of the most talented up-and-coming bands who encompass the Scottish music scene right now.

You can stream and download the Bloc Ensemble Part 1 for free via Bandcamp.

The compilation is the culmination of the venue hosting some of the best up-and-coming artists in Scotland and beyond, and is the perfect showcase for a venue and label that has been renowned for cultivating grass roots art in Scotland. Bloc was recently nominated for an Unsung Hero Award at the Scottish License Trade Awards due to its initiatives to help the wider musical community in Scotland as well as deserving social causes. Indeed, Bloc have helped local bands by subsidising a touring van which is loaned to musicians at cost price (non-profit) enabling bands to tour and perform their art on a financially sustainable basis. As well as this, their label Bloc+Music is run on a non-profit basis to allow Scottish musicians to release their music without having to kowtow to the practices and pressures of major labels. This has seen the likes of So Many Animal Calls, Campfires In Winter and Felix Champion thrive and allowed them to progress their musical career at their own pace and in their own image.

Bloc’s DIY ethic is worn firmly on their chest and has aided not just the music community but the creative sector in Scotland in general with the backing of DIY label StruggleTown as well as Hay Man!, TYCI and Ment1 He1th, all of which carry the work of young Scottish artists and authors who have been instrumental in highlighting political and social issues to the wider Scottish community.

The first of four compilation albums feature the likes of Adam Stafford, Vasa, Deathcats and Verse Metrics and is a perfect example of the creative output Bloc have been at the forefront of for a over a decade. The compilation also illustrates the diversity and talent prevalent in the Scottish music scene of which Bar Bloc and Bloc+Music have been leaders in their field and will continue to spearhead for many years to come.

Bloc Ensemble Part 1 is available to download for free via the Bloc+Music Bandcamp.

If you'd like more information on Bloc+Music or our PR services, please email
Posted Tue, 23 Sep 2014 in Bloc+Music

The Last September release ‘This Train Remains’ video!

For fans of: Clinic, Arcade Fire, Elbow

The Last September have released the video to their latest single, This Train Remains. It's a fantastic stop motion animation put together by the BAFTA award winning Ainslie Henderson, and captures the essence of the track perfectly.

The video premiered on Artrocker Magazine and you can now watch it now via the embed below.

You can also stream and download the single for free from the ABoF SoundCloud page, or via the embed below.

This Train Remains is taken from the band's forthcoming album Volcano. The album is as much about city life as it is influenced by the solitary simple life among the birds and bees which frontman Pete Deane embraced during a sabbatical in the Scottish countryside. The Last September took Peteʼs basic ideas and developed them into vibrant, living breathing pieces of music, greater in scope than just the singer-songwriter based music of their previous albums. The tracks explore themes of belonging, desire, isolation and memory. It became apparent during the writing and development of the songs, that there was also a central location. Much like the character of a city which lends itself to the theme of a film, Volcano is also informed and mindful of one place: Edinburgh and the hills around it. The volcanoes, the history and the people - it has all seeped in and made this album an insightful and haunting collection of musical vignettes.

Earning his stripes playing in Edinburgh-based indie hopefuls Suburbia (which gave him the opportunity to work with renowned producer Tony Visconti), Pete boldly struck out on his own musical path 2004. Along the way he collected a number of like-minded eccentrics over and, the line-up was complete once Simon ʻthe Mad Dukeʼ Usher sat down behind the band’s drum kit in 2013.

This Train Remains, the first single taken from the album, has already picked up support from the likes of Supajam, The Vinyl District and Insomnia Radio, and with a number of live dates planned at the end of the year, The Last September are sure to end 2014 on a high note.

Volcano is released 20th October via Fountainhall Records.

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Posted Mon, 22 Sep 2014 in The Last September

Mano’s Daughter EP ‘Shiver’ out now!

For fans of: MS MR, Foxes, Lorde

"Mano's Daughter do 10-tonne synth pop impeccably..."
- The 405

"...simultaneously sweet and surreal..."
- The Line Of Best Fit

Mano’s Daughter have released their second EP Shiver, the follow up to their debut EP Smart which received high praise online from the likes of The 405, Artrocker, Contactmusic and God Is In The TV Zine.

The video for EP track 'YOU' premiered on The Line Of Best Fit, and you can watch it now via the band's official YouTube Channel.

You can also download EP track 'What's A Girl Supposed To Do' for free from Mano's Daughter's official Soundcloud page.

The video that accompanies the track premiered on Gigwise, and you can watch it now via the band's official YouTube Channel.

With Shiver, Mano’s Daughter present five perfectly formed, intelligent synth pop tracks that move in a darker direction from their debut effort. ‘What’s A Girl Supposed To Do’ unravels slowly crescendoing into a massive, flourishing chorus that demonstrates front woman Sarah Carter’s powerful, soulful vocals. The song is about a girl trying to be the right person but stuck in the wrong relationship, based on a tragic love story. ‘Wheels’ is a cross between Foxes and Lorde, however, ‘Little Heart’ and ‘This House’ are completely stripped-down, lounge like and seductive - exhibiting the band’s different facets. Musically, the band are taking us on their own personal journey as they stretch their own boundaries, especially with closing track ‘You’. It’s an 8-minute epic that mirrors the shimmering melancholy of MS MR. Each song on the EP is Mano’s Daughter’s take on love and relationships but the tragic side of love that teaches us lessons and shows us who we need to be.

Consisting of Sarah Carter (Vocals), Matthias Garrick (Synths, programming) and Dan See (Drums), the London based band are one of the most hardworking on the scene and with influences ranging from Bon Iver to Moloko, Mano’s Daughter put their songs at the heart of their identity, spinning epic lyrical stories that paint a picture of what it’s like to be at the heart and soul of the band as they sonically wear their hearts on their sleeves.

Shiver is out now via Smart & Shiver Records and available to buy digitally via Mano's Daughter's BandCamp page.

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Posted Mon, 22 Sep 2014 in Mano’s Daughter