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Latest news

Gene Serene’s album ‘The Polaris Experience’ out now’!

"Blissfully experimental..."- Clash

For fans of: Opossum, Goldfrapp, Clor

Gene Serene's debut album, The Polaris Experience is out now and available to buy digitally on iTunes.

A concept album in the classic sense of the word, Gene Serene enlisted the help of producer and sound engineer Bob Earland (Radiophonic Workshop, Clor) who co-wrote and co-produced the album, providing Gene with a sample library and the tools to create something brilliant.

The video for single Weightlessness premiered on Clash Magazine's website, who described it as "a fusion of post-punk, synth-pop and science fiction." You can watch it via Gene Serene's YouTube channel.

You can also stream the single via the ABoF SoundCloud page.

Inspired by the Mars One project, where members of the public have been given the chance to sign up for a one way ticket to the red planet, The Polaris Experience tells the age old story of boy meets girl, of true connections and love as the technological singularity takes place and the world becomes increasingly toxic to mankind. As war ensues, the star crossed lovers are offered an escape route that will take them off the Earth. Placed in suspended animation and heading away from their celestial home, songs such as ‘Hold Me’ and ‘Upload’ explore the emotions and connections experienced in a technologically superior and interstellar future, existing outside of space and time.

With a sound that owes as much to prog staples Pink Floyd, Frank Zappa and Cardiacs as it does stylistically to Goldfrapp and St Vincent, The Polaris Experience is a stellar addition to the oeuvre of intelligent, vocally driven electronica.

The Polaris Experience was written to be experienced in cinemas and theatres, as well as traditional venues and found spaces, and you can catch her hypnotic live show during her album launch at St Pancras Old Church on 17th July 2015.

You can stream and download album track and single Singularity and 'Hazza' for free via the ABoF SoundCloud page and watch the cosmic video that accompanies her previous single via Gene Serene's YouTube channel.

The Polaris Experience is out now via Duchess Box Records and available to buy digitally on iTunes.

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Posted Mon, 06 Jul 2015 in Gene Serene

Download ‘The Beat Of Your Heart’ by The Hate Eighties for free!

For fans of: Everything Everything, CHVRCHES, Matthew Dear

The Hate Eighties have released 'The Beat Of Your Heart', a free track taken from their forthcoming album POW released 5th October 2015 via Walton Xi Huang Media..

Sounding like a post apocalyptic Muse crossed with a John Carpenter soundtrack, their futuristic art-pop is an experiment in story telling utilising multimedia. You can download the track to hear for yourself via the ABoF SoundCloud page.

Debut album POW takes place in an alternative past or a possible future and tells the story of how one company rebrands the ideals of an alt-capitalist group and sells it to the world. They are transmedia. They are post modern. They are Sebastian & Lucius, two Glaswegian artists influenced by the music of Chvrches, Aphex Twin, Nine Inch Nails, the humour of Chris Morris, and the onstage charisma of Timmy Cappello, the topless Saxophonist from The Lost Boys.
The combination is distilled agitprop electronica, wrapped up in songs disguised as hip hop, alternative rock and EDM.

They create physical artwork for each one of their songs and have been known to share them with the worthy. You may have already seen their advertisements plastered up around your town, or heard them on the radio in between the frequencies of popular stations. They exist in your peripheral vision, and they’ve decided it’s time for them to step out of the shadows and into the spotlight.

Lucius provides vocals, keyboards, programming, guitars, bass and saxophone. Sebastian provides vocals, keyboards, programming, guitars and bass. You provide the audience.

POW is released 5th October 2015 via Walton Xi Huang Media.

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Posted Thu, 02 Jul 2015 in The Hate Eighties

Best Girl Athlete’s single ‘Seven Seconds’ out now!

"... assured artistry..." - Clash Magazine

"...pretty amazing..." - Folk Radio UK

“… her record is radiant and playful but tender and honest too.”
- Amelia’s Magazine

For fans of: Ellie Goulding, Laura Marling, The Delgados, Warpaint

Best Girl Athlete, aka Katie Buchan, has released her latest single Seven Seconds, via Fitlike Records. It's available to buy digitally on iTunes.

Seven Seconds is an effortlessly catchy track, filled with simple yet effective Americana style musicianship, mixed with upbeat pop sensibilities, as the acoustic guitar and gentle violin float and swirl beautifully throughout the song. The single premiered on The Line Of Best Fit and you can listen to it now via the ABoF SoundCloud page.

The video for Seven Seconds premiered on Amelia's Magazine and is available to watch now via Best Girl Athlete's YouTube channel.

Katie’s earthy, delicate vocal tone, and impressively mature lyrical content, merely illustrate the wisdom and talent Katie continues to exhibit. Lyrics such as “what is seven seconds when you have a life time” resonate repeatedly at the end of the track, immersing the listener in the vision Katie is expertly creating with her undoubted natural flair for music, mirroring the sound of more mature artists such as Feist and SOAK in the process.

Based in the north of Scotland’s Aberdeen, Katie’s profile has risen considerably in the last year or so. Having played and written with her father, singer-songwriter Charley Buchan who also runs Fit Like Records, Katie has managed to co-produce an album that has seen her reaching a bigger audience with each and every track released. Carve Every Word itself picked up great support from the likes of The Herald, Artrocker Magazine, Musos Guide, BBC Radio Scotland, STV, Clash Magazine, Folk Radio and Amelia’s Magazine.

The summer will see no respite for Katie as she heads to the US on tour in August.

You can stream and download album tracks 'He's Calling Me Over' and 'Talk' for free from the ABoF SoundCloud page.

Seven Seconds is out now via Fit Like Records and available to buy digitally on iTunes. . The single is taken from Best Girl Athlete's debut album Carve Every Word, available now on CD via BandCamp and digitally via iTunes.

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Posted Wed, 01 Jul 2015 in Best Girl Athlete