Friday Round-Up

HAVVK aren't playing games in brilliant new video for Shifting Shape!


Formidable trio HAVVK have now shared the brilliantly creative new video for their latest single Shifting Shape, out now via Veta Records. Shifting Shape tackles the societal pressures to adapt how you look to fit into what society expects, especially around traditional assumptions of gender. Julie elaborates, "We should be living in a world where guys can express vulnerability and where women can wear whatever they want without hearing words like ‘tomboy’ or ’slut’. The song is about wanting the safety and freedom to live your life without these constraints." HAVVK’s debut album Cause & Effect is out on 22nd November 2019.

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Sing Again Syren soar on classic rock-inspired single 'Cast Away'!

All female rock trio Sing Again Syren have unleashed their intoxicating guitar-driven single Cast Away, out now via Veta Records. Combining a fiery energetic sound with a fierce contemporary attitude, Sing Again Syren effortlessly blend memorable hooks with hard hitting riffs. Taking inspiration from a range of genres including classic, glam and hard rock all the way through to grunge, Sing Again Syren have concocted a unique sound they can call their own. Cast Away is a perfect example of their raucous soundscapes as scuzzy, in your face guitar lines are complimented by an impressive rhythm section, led by a driven baseline and aggressive drum beat, skilfully brought together by singer Eliza Lee’s powerful vocal.

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BRIDGES release endearing new single Return To The Drake's Nest!

Rising indie-rock quintet BRIDGES have released their endearing new single Return To The Drake’s Nest, out now via Big Indie Records. Frontman Ethan Proctor’s warm, emotive vocals are at the forefront from the offset, reminiscent of the likes of Frightened Rabbit’s Scott Hutchison or The National’s Matt Berninger. Jangling guitar hooks pulsate over tightly woven harmonies, creating a sound that is both gritty yet visceral. As a result, yet again, BRIDGES have managed to combine poetic lyricism with anthemic soundscapes, making something undeniably refined in the process. Catch BRIDGES live on 10th July 2019 at London’s Two Tribes Brewery in association with Big Indie Big Nights. - Tickets

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Gallery 47 gets colourfully poignant on Weeklong!

Alt-folk troubadour Gallery 47 - aka Jack Peachey - makes his 2019 debut with the colourfully poignant upcoming album Chaos Ensued, out on 23rd August 2019 via Bad Production Records. Ahead of the release, Peachey has shared his vibrant new single Weeklong, which is out now. Peachey combines his trademark folk sensibilities with splashes of blues rock, post-punk and classic rock to create something that is undeniably unique. His new found sound is bold, brave and dynamic, whilst still maintaining his signature ability to write wistful tales of melancholy that are highly relatable.

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Melissa Bel brings all the joy with Cotton Candy!

Shimmering pop artist Melissa Bel makes her 2019 debut with her iridescent new single Cotton Candy, out now via Belhop Records. Much like the title suggests, Cotton Candy is an undeniably joy-filled single filled with honey-sweet harmonies, infectious melodies and a vibrant musicality throughout. The single combines Bel’s signature visceral lyricism with a killer hook to create a bona fide ear worm with soulful, earnest lyrics of intense yearning.

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