Friday Round-Up

HAVVK take on Brexit with 52!

52 Artwork -01.jpeg

Grunge trio HAVVK return with their most powerful release to date. 52 is out now via Veta Records.

52 is about the extreme political dynamics in the run up to the Brexit vote in 2017. Never afraid to push boundaries, The euphonic activists’ latest cut once again showcases their ability to make their voice heard above the noise. 52 brings HAVVK back to their shoegaze roots; combining shimmering riffs with compelling rhythms to create a sound akin to the likes of Slowdive and Cocteau Twins. Front woman Julie Hawk’s distinctively impassioned vocal soars majestically over the ethereal alt-rock soundscapes before packing a punch as the chorus sets in, mirroring her anger for the situation at hand. 

Talking about the track, Julie elaborates, “we lived in London at the time of the vote and I don’t think any of us will forget the day the result came out. It felt like the campaign was designed to leverage a divide between people. At times, it felt like every spokesperson for or against Brexit was willing to put a short-term win ahead of opening a genuine conversation about people’s safety and futures. It drove a chasm between people which only seems to getting wider, with a rise in racism and hate-crime, and the constant outpour of hateful language in online media.”

52 is out now via Veta Records, followed by HAVVK’s debut album, Cause & Effect, due for release on 22nd November 2019.

Stream 52 on all platforms now.

Dani Sylvia shares celestial new single Lithium!

Dani Sylvia main image landscape.jpg

Celestial singer-songwriter Dani Sylvia has released her majestic new single Lithium, out now via Little Misery Records. The single is a brooding slice of atmospheric electronica from the offset. Combining shimmering melodies with smooth, sultry vocals, Lithium feels instantly reminiscent of the likes of BANKS or VÉRITÉ’s ability to create undeniably entrancing soundscapes. Dani’s lyrics are both powerful and poignant, reflecting the compelling message behind the song seamlessly. Talking about the single, Dani elaborates, “Lithium is about many things; self-sabotage, self-destruction, fear… but ultimately, hope and knowing that feelings are never permanent. For me, it is about the secrets we keep, bad coping-strategies and the lies we tell to those around us so that they don’t worry about us, preferring to learn how to heal yourself rather than leaning on others. It’s about the place we go to in our minds to face ourselves head-on and fully feel the pain/shame/loneliness/fear. It’s only by doing this alone that we can be ‘found’.”

Listen to Lithium on all platforms now.

The Frampton Sisters share delicately weaved debut Birds Of A Feather!


Indie folk duo The Frampton Sisters make their debut with the delicately weaved single, Birds Of A Feather, out now via Dharma Records.

From the offset, sisters Freddie and Charlie Frampton’s effortlessly stunning harmonies take centre stage. Both singers’ rich, celestial vocals soar as they compliment each other, feeling instantly reminiscent of the likes of Lily & Madeleine and First Aid Kit’s undeniable chemistry. Talking about the single, Freddie elaborates “Birds Of A Feather is based on equality and how, in the grand scheme of things, we are ALL the same. So let’s enjoy it.”

Stream Birds Of A Feather on Spotify & Soundcloud now.

Eliza Shaddad announces new single Girls with Big Indie Records & headline show!

Eliza Shaddad Press photo 2 credit Mel Tjoeng.JPG

Confessional singer-songwriter Eliza Shaddad has announced she will be releasing her poignantly nostalgic new single Girls on 23rd October 2019 via Big Indie Records.

She will also be headlining a free show on 6th November 2019 at London's Pop Brixton for Big Indie Autumn Sessions, in partnership with The Line Of Best Fit. Prima Queen has been confirmed as one of the support acts, with the other still to be announced.

An ode to one of Eliza’s oldest friends, Girls is a refreshingly candid take on what it’s like to grow up in an all girls school and the relationships you build. Talking about the track, Eliza elaborates, “it lays bare how scary it was, standing on the sidelines, growing older, watching someone deal with some insanely hard human experiences, unable to find a way to connect with them about it.” The first taste of Shaddad's forthcoming EP - which navigates through multiple forms of withdrawal and isolation and was recorded in a remote bungalow in the wilds of Cornwall - Girls combines chiming dream-pop with shimmering indie-rock sensibilities to create a sound that is both tantalisingly sentimental and assertively modern. Eliza’s soft, breathy vocals reminiscent of the likes of Daughter’s Elena Tonra and Marika Hackman.

Girls - taken from Eliza’s new EP, due for release early next year - is out on 23rd October 2019.

Listen to Eliza Shaddad on Spotify, Apple Music and Bandcamp now.

Electro-pop duo LUNIR return with Cubs!

LUNIR - Promo shot 2019.png

German-Scottish duo LUNIR return with another infectious slice of electro-pop to feast your ears on.

Combining pop, soul and electronic sensibilities, LUNIR are an artist that refuses to be pigeonholed. Cubs feels effortlessly cool from the offset, with Becky Sikasa’s rich, sultry vocal feeling instantly reminiscent of the likes of Solange or Emily King. The pair’s flawless harmonies soar effortlessly over jangling guitar twangs and pulsating drum beats to create an undeniably addictive piece of feel-good alt-pop.

Talking about the single, David Scobie elaborates, “I recently discovered I'm now too big to navigate between the branches of trees and began reminiscing about my childhood friend and I running carefree through the forest like a pair of cubs. This track is about this feeling, like a wild freedom where opportunity for joy abounds.”

Listen to Cubs on Spotify, Apple Music and Soundcloud now.


Indie-folk quartet The Very Lazy Sundays make their 2019 debut with the release of their compassionate new single Sometimes A Broken Heart, out now.

The single is filled with twinkling melodies and flawless harmonies from the offset. Front man Diyar Abdullah’s rich, warm vocal compliments his emotive storytelling charm effortlessly, creating a sound akin to the likes of Ryan Adams or Iron & Wine. Talking about the single Diyar elaborates, “one of us had recently gone through a messy breakup and the song is about accepting your heartache and giving yourself time.”

Listen to Sometimes A Broken Heart on Spotify, Apple Music and Soundcloud now.