Friday Round-Up

Swim alongside Living Hour in their mesmerising new video for Hallboy!

Living Hour.jpg

Having released their poignant sophomore record Softer Faces via Kanine Records earlier this year, Canadian five-piece Living Hour have now shared the stunning visuals (directed and animated by Toby Gillies) for album track 'Hallboy' as they embark on a European tour throughout September and October.

Formed in Winnipeg, Canada, Living Hour have a unique ability to create ethereal, atmospheric music combined with emotional vocal performances, innovative guitar harmonies and dreamy brass segments. Blending elements of dream pop, slowcore and psychedelia, Softer Faces is the vision of a band with the capacity to skilfully produce an evocative enchanting ambiance; as imposing as it is alluring. This has seen the record pick up support from the likes of NPR’s All Songs ConsideredPaste MagazineBandcamp DailyStereogum and many more.

After opening for renowned three-piece Duster in the US, Living Hour will begin the European leg of their tour in Prague before making appearances at the Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg, Supersonic in Paris as well as shows in the UK and two final dates in Italy.

Listen to album Softer Faces on Spotify & Apple Music.

Avant-pop artist Dudley Benson shares powerful visuals for We Could've Been Gods!

Dudley Benson 2019.jpg

New Zealand’s Dudley Benson has now shared the stunning self-directed visuals for his track We Could've Been Gods. Exploring concepts of nationhood, decolonisation, and our relationship with nature, We Could’ve Been Gods is the latest cut from his ambitious new album Zealandia, out now.

Shot by Miranda Bellamy and Solomon MortimerWe Could’ve Been Gods is a semi-improvised pulse of love, sex, and earth that reflects and bounces off the song, and the three filming locations around Auckland, New Zealand.

Collaborating with respected avant-garde dance artists val smith and Tru ParahaWe Could’ve Been Gods is the centrepiece of an album that tackles hard-hitting themes surrounding New Zealand culture, history, and identities.

Mipso share entrancing animated video and announce UK/EU tour!

Mipso b2 credit Kendall Bailey.jpg

Accomplished roots outfit Mipso will be embarking on a UK/EU tour this fall. To celebrate, the quartet have now released their entrancing animated video for single People Change, out now via AntiFragile.

People Change once again showcases Mipso’s undeniable ability to write beautifully poignant indie-Americana with otherworldly instrumental flourishes throughout. The video is equally stunning, with the art and animation created by Jake McBride. Talking about the single, frontman Jacob Sharp elaborates, “a lot of what I write is centred around articulating loss. My mother died when I was young and I've had a normal amount of romantic relationships end… People Change is a different angle on loss, that of a friendship fading away. In some ways it's a lot more difficult to process, because the loss feels more within your control - the situation less futile - but the impact of the absence is pretty much the same.”

People Change is taken from Mipso’s critically acclaimed album Edges Run. Tour tickets available here.

Sun Bloom bring the sunshine with Take It Away!


Sun Bloom take the indie world by storm with their infectious new single Take It Away, out now.

The single blends surf-rock, dream-pop and indie-rock sensibilities to create a sounds that is both vibrant and refreshing. Take It Away brings with it that familiar Californian sunshine sound, with its swirling riffs, hazy hooks and soft, impassioned vocals taking centre stage. Fans of the likes of Alvvays and Frankie Cosmos will feel at home here.

Talking about video for the single, front woman Viv Youel elaborates, “it's a homemade video that captures the hazy joy of days at the seaside, trips abroad and summers spent in back gardens, larking around with not much on. A nostalgic insight into Summer times from different eras. I wanted the vintage footage to reflect the story of the lyrics, which are about looking back, and missing someone from your past who’s now far away- the memory persisting despite the distance.”

Listen to Take It Away on Spotify & Soundcloud.

IYEARA release hypnotic new single Exhale!


London based trio IYEARA are preparing to present their dramatic, ominous soundscapes through the release of their debut EP, CONSEQUENCES, out on 27th September 2019 via TrES-2b Recordings / Ingrooves. Ahead of the EP's release, IYEARA have now shared their hypnotically intense new single Exhale, as well as having previously released the single Shout; a cover of the Tears for Fears hit, featuring Liela Moss.

A post globalisation dystopia in a coat of analogue electronica and hacked widescreen visuals, CONSEQUENCES perfectly captures IYEARA’s cerebral synth-pop sound, neatly interwoven with brooding elements of dark wave and post-punk.

Talking abut Exhale, singer O’Keeffe explains: “Lyrically 'Exhale' is a study of what makes a person. Who are we and what relationships shape us? I played with the idea, that “the last breath we take and a life flashing before our eyes” untangle these questions. Who do we see? What do we feel. Love? In that last moment. The idea that people make an impression on us that never leaves. Even a relationship some 10 or 15 years past is a mark on us. Like a name written on the back of a hand. We ‘Inhale’ and ‘Exhale’ these moments, they are us both the good and bad, I can be‘a pile of mistakes in the shape of a body’ sometime. But ‘on the back of your hand, I’ll be never far away”.

Listen to Exhale on all platforms here.

Mexican Radio continue to push boundaries on Pretty Out There!

Mexican Radio press photo 2 - free to use - credit Petra Valdimarsdóttir.jpg

Synth punk three-piece Mexican Radio have now shared their uncompromising sophomore album, Destruction/Reconstruction, out now via R.I.P. Ben Lee Records. To celebrate, the band premiered their new single Pretty Out There on comeherefloyd.

Talking about the single, Mexican Radio elaborate, "it was inspired by William S. Burroughs, an American author from the Beat Generation. Burroughs wrote highly confessional books about his prolific drug use, homosexuality, troubles with the law and general debauchery. He was a counterculture icon and really pushed the envelope with his lifestyle and his work. The song is sung from his perspective, unapologetically recounting his misadventures as he drinks, doses and screws his way around the world. It’s a declaration, a refusal to conform to society’s expectations of normalcy. Throughout the whole thing he insists that he’s “pretty out there,” and above all, that he’s “never gonna be too straight.”

Inspired by his own personal experiences and those of the artists and writers he loves, singer Nathaniel Fregoso’s (vocals, synth, effects) lyrics are a visceral exploration of historical events compiled within a 2019 context. With songs about TolstoyDostoyevskyBurroughsKirchner and F. Scott Fitzgerald, Fregoso has woven together threads of destruction and reconstruction and delivered them with a sardonic edge akin to vocalists such as Mark E. Smith.

This, combined with a lo-fi, synth punk ideology, has shaped Mexican Radio’s confrontational sound: recording everything live, on tape in an analogue studio with no overdubs. The trio have pulled on their vast knowledge of music and recording having played in, and continuing to play in, many other bands. The result of which is a uniquely constructed record, rich in layers and bursting with a prowling, off-kilter vibrancy from the volatile opener ‘Night of the Nihilist’ all the way through to closing track ‘Planet Tyskie’. 

Stream Deconstruction/Reconstruction on Spotify, Apple Music and Bandcamp now.