The Frampton Sisters

Indie folk duo The Frampton Sisters make their debut with the delicately weaved single, Birds Of A Feather, out now via Dharma Records.

From the offset, sisters Freddie and Charlie Frampton’s effortlessly stunning harmonies take centre stage. Both singers’ rich, celestial vocals soar as they compliment each other, feeling instantly reminiscent of the likes of Lily & Madeleine and First Aid Kit’s undeniable chemistry. Talking about the single, Freddie elaborates “Birds Of A Feather is based on equality and how, in the grand scheme of things, we are ALL the same. So let’s enjoy it.”

Born and raised on the island of Sanday in the Orkney, The Frampton Sisters were both home-schooled from an early age. They then relocated to East Sussex to allow Charlie to begin secondary school whilst still honing their skills as aspiring songwriters. Charlie went on to spend two years at London’s prestigious Brit School and meanwhile, Freddie would give birth to her little baby boy. They have continued to develop their songwriting skills throughout this period, enabling them to reach the finals of the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards in 2018, as well as performing at the acclaimed Cambridge Folk Festival earlier this year.

Birds Of A Feather is out now via Dharma Records.