Friday Round-Up

Danny McMahon gets nostalgic in poignant new video!

Emerging country-pop artist Danny McMahon prepares to captivate listeners with his poignant new EP Boys Cry Too, out on 24th May 2019 via Puzzle Maker Records. Ahead the EP release, McMahon has now shared the poignant new video for his single When I See You, out now. The critically acclaimed single stirs the soul immediately as McMahon’s intricate guitar picking twinkles over warm piano chords and haunting harmonies, sounding akin to the likes of Lady Antebellum or Keith Urban. Talking about the single, McMahon explains “it was written by a songwriter called Dan Evans who wrote the song about his grandfather who had recently passed away. I remember getting a message from him saying he’d just played it to his family and that they were all in tears, at that point I realised we’d achieved the relevant emotional connection we were looking for.”

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Experience The Vanity Project's bizarre electroclash soundscapes on single Centaur

Manchester based enfants terribles, The Vanity Project, have unleashed their own brand of surrealist soundscapes through the release of debut single Centaur, out on now via Eve of Creation.

Combining propulsive EDM beats and effected vocals, with fuzzy guitar segments and time changes galore, The Vanity Project have created their very own brand of counterculture. Centaur sounds like the discordant psychedelia of The Flaming Lips fused with the Pet Shop Boys in a shapeshifting body horror movie set to the backdrop of manga anime. The duo’s shared experiences and unique outlook on life have provoked a sardonic, surreal sound giving a whole new meaning to the phrase folie a deux. Having met at youth theatre over ten years ago, multi-instrumentalists - trans woman Flora Jackson and longtime friend Robert Paterson - combine eccentric electronica with shimmering art-pop sensibilities to create a sonic odyssey of cinematic soundscapes.

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The Van T’s return with blistering new single Control!

Rising Glasgow quartet The Van T’s return with their blistering new single Control, out now via Big Indie Records. Brimming with a snarling attitude, the single combines elements of grunge, surf-rock and hazy psychedelia to create the band’s trademark stadium-ready sound. Twin sisters Hannah and Chloe Van Thompson’s (guitar, vocals) swirling harmonies compliment each other effortlessly, sounding akin to the likes of Honeyblood or Bleached. Catch The Van T’s live next on Wednesday, 8th May 2019 at London’s Two Tribes Brewery in association with Big Indie Big Nights. They will also be returning to Brighton’s Great Escape Festival on Thursday, 9th May 2019, as well as supporting Foo Fighters atBellahouston Park in Glasgow on 17th August 2019.

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Night House release shimmering electro-folk single To Be With!

Produced and mixed by Dan Brown (Massive AttackJerry Williams), Brighton's Night House have released single To Be With alongside b-side New Year's Prayer

The track was written after the passing of lead singer Nick Williams’ grandfather. The single is a love song told from the perspective of those left behind; exploring themes of our own fragile mortality. Williams' stark falsetto vocal floats above cello, clarinet, violin and double bass, blending beautifully with electronic drum machines, icy synths and the warm sonics of Fender Rhodes. The track premiered on M-Magazine(PRS for Music) and is now available to stream and embed via Spotify and the Soundcloud link below.

Stream To Be With on Spotify and Apple Music now.

Intricate alt-folk artist Sive releases Yuki Onna!


To coincide with the release of her self-titled EP, progressive artist Sive – aka Sadhbh O’Sullivan - has released another slice of intricate alt-folk. Yuki Onnathe fourth single to be taken from the EP, is out now via Veta Records. The single features delicately woven hypnotic beats, rich melodies and atmospheric swells, sounding akin to the likes of Laura Marling or This Is The Kit. The name 'Yuki Onna’ is based on a character from Japanese mythology, a beautiful but elusive 'snow woman'. Sive elaborates, “for me she was the perfect personification of that feeling that can get under your skin, that ‘something' you try to escape, but the more you run the more it seems to become you. The Yuki Onna in this song will follow you and then elude you, but she won't leave until you listen to what she's trying to teach you."

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HAVVK take no prisoners with their fierce new single Shifting Shape!


Formidable trio HAVVK take no prisoners with their fierce new single Shifting Shape, out now via Veta Records. The single completes Part 1 of HAVVK’s debut album Cause & Effect. Drenched in feedback-laden guitars, pulsating drum beats and a snarling attitude throughout, HAVVK take their unrestrained alt-rock sound to a whole new level with Shifting Shape. Front woman Julie Hawk’s raw, impassioned vocals are filled with a powerful bite, making the song’s meaning all the more poignant. Shifting Shape tackles the societal pressures to adapt how you look to fit into what society expects, especially around traditional assumptions of gender. Julie elaborates, "We should be living in a world where guys can express vulnerability and where women can wear whatever they want without hearing words like ‘tomboy’ or ’slut’. The song is about wanting the safety and freedom to live your life without these constraints."

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