"Brilliant stuff. Sive is a real find.” - Hot Press

Irish singer-songwriter Sive - aka Sadhbh O’Sullivan - returns with the release of her idiosyncratic new single, Holding, out on 25th January 2019 via Veta Records.

The single once again showcases Sive’s ability to defy genre, combining elements of folk, jazz and world music to create her own unique sound. Ethereal harmonies soar effortlessly over the hypnotic kalimba accompaniment, whilst Sive’s velvet-like vocal is able to take centre stage. Holding tackles the emotional subject of wanting to wipe the slate clean and start a fresh, but feeling like something is keeping you stuck. Sive elaborates, “it tries to capture that feeling when you know you are clinging to things inside yourself that don't serve you, but struggling to see exactly what they are and let go of them. It's about questioning your fixed idea of what you are, allowing yourself to fall apart, and going a little bit crazy in the process!”

Growing up, Sive was obsessed with time signatures, unusual chord progressions and the melodies that she’d hear in world music. She has since continued to hone her sound, playing an array of instruments and sharing stages with the likes of Lisa Hannigan, Cathy Davey, Mick Flannery, Christy Moore and Gemma Hayes along the way. Her critically acclaimed previous single received praise from the likes of Nialler9, Americana UK and Thank Folk For That to name a few.

Holding is out on 25th January 2019 via Veta Records.