Friday Round-Up

Nick Wilson releases majestic new single Let Me Hold You!

Nick Wilson returns with the release of his majestic new single Let Me Hold You, out now.  The single once again showcases Wilson’s ability to create an immersive atmosphere with his use of sweeping electronics and rich, shimmering harmonies to create a sound that feels beautifully cinematic. Wilson’s haunting vocal is at the forefront, showcasing his incredible range throughout. Let Me Hold You - co-written with Nick Atkinson and Edd Holloway (Gabrielle AplinLewis Capaldi) - tackles that feeling of frustration at the end of an argument when the only thing left to do is hold each other for a moment and move on. Fans of the likes of Honne and Yoke Lore will feel at home here.

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DYVR captivates with new single Rising!

Indie-electro artist DYVR soars into 2019 with his ambient new single Rising, out now via Veta Records. DYVR’s signature falsetto is at the forefront, gliding through the pulsing synths, creating a truly ethereal experience. The hypnotic blend of dark electronics is reminiscent of the likes of James Blake and SOHN, but with DYVR’s own poignant lyricism and haunting vocal style making it his own. Rising is DYVR’s tribute to the queer party scene in London. Talking about the track, DYVR elaborates, “these nights have been some of the most memorable and important in my life. There are times when you just need to burn as brightly as possible and never stop. Connections are intense, brief, frequent and life affirming”.

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RUNAH continues to captivate with new single Strange!

Ahead of the release of her debut album out on 5th May 2019 via Beardfire, Irish singer-songwriter RUNAH has now shared her endearing new single and album title, Strange, out now. Talking about the track, RUNAH explains, "Strange is my way of meeting myself over and over again. Allowing curiosity to explore all the me’s that I will become and all the me’s that have been. And how we all continue on wandering amongst our discoveries until our final exhale." Using sacred stones, elements and other spiritual resources to create her work, RUNAH produces a body of stories surrounding both the physical and spiritual realm; creating an almost divine sound in the process. 

Kev Minney releases heartfelt new single God Is An Algorithm!

Acoustic solo artist Kev Minney releases his heartfelt new single God Is An Algorithm, out now. Inspired by Yuval Noah Harari’s book Homo Deus, the song explores themes of our addiction to modern technology and how this has impacted upon how we live our lives in a world dominated by computers, smartphones and, ultimately, AI. Opening with expertly picked guitar segments, Kev Minney’s harmonised vocals take centre stage and are accented by the gorgeous sweeping orchestral soundscapes produced by a string quartet. Now, with a sophomore album due for release later this year, Kev Minney will be aiming to maintain his rise in the alt-folk music scene both here in the UK and abroad.

Steph Brown premieres enchanting new single, Feel You Near!

Brighton based songstress Steph Brown premieres her enchanting new single, Feel You Near, out now.
Steph, formally known as Della Lupa, began hosting open mics at 16 and, such was her own untapped talent, was encouraged by her contemporaries to join them in their musical endeavors.
Creating a style unique to her own life experiences, Steph has cultivated an earnest, cathartic sound packed full of emotion and biographical lyrics. Feel You Near is another poignant example of her sound; ethereal vocals are beautifully complimented by intimate, wistful guitars creating a dramatic, emotionally effecting soundtrack. Despite being in long-term relationships, many of us fall in and out of love over the course of our lifetime but, when the love stops, we inartistically know that the relationship is over.

Tia Gostelow pulls at the heartstrings with piano-led Blue Velvet!

Emerging artist Tia Gostelow prepares to pull at the heartstrings with her most vulnerable release to date. The piano version of her recent single Blue Velvet is out now via AntiFragile. Taken from her debut album Thick Skin, Tia talks about the reinvention of the track, "Blue Velvet is the ballad of the album and that’s exactly what I wanted it to be. This was written in my bedroom and I just wanted to write a song that musically there wasn’t a lot going on and the vocals came right through the song. The song is about an intense love and being with someone who has made you feel ways you have never felt before and all the excitement of a new relationship.” Catch Tia live as she embarks on her first European tour this May, including Brighton's prestigious Great Escape Festival as well as various UK dates. 

Stream Tia's debut album Thick Skin on Spotify and Apple Music now