Steph Brown

Steph Brown Promo Shot 1.jpg

Brighton based songstress Steph Brown is gearing up for her enchanting new single, Feel You Near, due for release on 19th April 2019.

Steph, formally known as Della Lupa, began hosting open mics at 16 and, such was her own untapped talent, was encouraged by her contemporaries to join them in their musical endeavours. 

Creating a style unique to her own life experiences, Steph has cultivated an earnest, cathartic sound packed full of emotion and biographical lyrics. Feel You Near is another poignant example of her sound; ethereal vocals are beautifully complimented by intimate, wistful guitars creating a dramatic, emotionally effecting soundtrack.

Feel You Near lyrically explores ideas of rediscovering your partner after an extended period of distance - either physically or emotionally. Despite being in longterm relationships, many of us fall in and out of love over the course of our lifetime but, when the love stops, we inartistically know that the relationship is over.

Feel You Near is the first single to be released from Steph’s debut album. She will celebrate the release with a launch show at St Nicholas church in Brighton on 27th April 2019

Feel You Near is out on 19th April 2019.