Friday Round-up!

This week we’ve seen exciting new releases from the likes of Twist Helix, Jo Marches and Varley!

Twist Helix release euphoric new single Newcastle!


Goth-pop trio Twist Helix have now shared their euphoric new single Newcastle out now via Paul Black Music. Talking about the single, front woman Bea Garcia explains, "as a group we were tired of cliches of industrial decline, on ‘Newcastle’ we wanted to give a different vision of “The North”. We wanted to capture a feeling of optimism and possibility about our region and portray a city and its people rising like a phoenix from the ashes of industry.”

Stream Newcastle on Spotify now.

Jo Marches release trippy animated video for Clearing!

Utrecht outfit Jo Marches have shared the wonderfully animated video for their latest single Clearing. Talking about the track, Jo explains, "Clearing is about the discussion I have about feminism with my male friends. It’s sometimes difficult to make them see what it means to be a woman and what hidden and visible patterns of inequality are part of daily life as a woman."

Stream Clearing on Spotify now.

Varley captivate with twinkling new single Lonely Were The Days


Berlin-based trio Varley are back with another captivating release. Reflecting on the ever-growing demands of today’s society from the effects of social media and the pressure this puts on a whole generation to “be something”, Lonely Were The Days blends the soaring vocals of Irish front-woman Claire-Ann Varley with throbbing beats and a twinkling soundscape. Interweaving luscious hooks and a melancholic lyricism, it’s a truly mesmerising slice of dreamy alt-pop.

Stream Lonely Were The Days on Spotify now.