Twist Helix

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Indie-electro trio Twist Helix release their vibrant debut album Ouseburn, out now via Paul Black Music.

Each track on this eclectic concept album weaves lyrical themes that present a social commentary of the changing landscape of Newcastle, their hometown, and its post-industrial reinvention as a creative hub. It begins with opening track ‘Newcastle’ and its awakening from industrial decline and ends with ‘Little Buildings’, as the album’s protagonist (an artist) realises she has participated in the gentrification of an area that she loved. Ouseburn is an album that will certainly hit home for many in our current climate. Forthcoming single Graphite - a song about the artist feeling frustration as she cannot articulate an authentic vision of her city - is filled with dynamic, synth-heavy beats, sounding akin to the likes of Depeche Mode and New Order. Each track on the album soars with a futuristic atmosphere, combining infectious pop hooks, striking synths and distinctive lead vocals to create something truly thought-provoking and bold. 

As a result of Spain’s economic crisis, front woman Bea Garcia moved to Newcastle where it quickly became her adopted home. Having met James Walker (drums) shortly after moving to the city, the pair became Twist Helix and started performing in Newcastle’s underground scene. Completing the line-up is bassist Matthew ‘Baz’ Baron, a recent addition injecting a frenetic energy honed with north-east punk stalwarts Casual Threats. Since then, the groups intelligent, narrative driven synth-pop and relentless DIY work ethic has seen the band support fellow innovative electronic artists such as Avec Sans, Samaris, Soccer96 and Kate Jackson & The Wrong Moves. Now signed to Madrid-based record label Paul Back Music, Twist Helix hope to make 2018 their year and plan to captivate their listeners further with their unique blend of euphoric alt-pop.

Ouseburn is out now via Paul Black Music.