Following the success of debut single Roamer earlier this year, international Berlin-based trio Varley are back with another captivating release. Lonely Were The Days is out now via Seahorse Music.

Reflecting on the ever-growing demands of today’s society from the effects of social media and the pressure this puts on a whole generation to “be something”, Lonely Were The Days blends the soaring vocals of Irish front-woman Claire-Ann Varley with throbbing beats and a twinkling soundscape. Interweaving luscious hooks and a melancholic lyricism, it’s a truly mesmerising slice of dreamy alt-pop.

Formed on the way home after a night out bowling, Varley consist of Claire-Ann Varley, Matthias Heising and Joschka Bender. With last single Roamer reaching #23 in the Spotify Viral Charts (and more than 700.000 plays so far!), and receiving airplay from several indie radio stations, Varley now hope to allure listeners in the UK and beyond with the ethereal beauty of Lonely Were The Days.

Lonely Were The Days is out now via Seahorse Music.