Friday Round-Up!

M.Rexen releases flamboyant new video for Henrï!


Multi-Instrumentalist Michael Rexen has released the colourful new video for his recent single Henrï, out now via We Are Suburban. Written as an ode to his best friend, bandmate and muse Henrï Gibbs(known for his work with Mellah), the single is an up-tempo, off-kilter earworm exhibiting M.Rexen’s unconventional sonic style; a genre of music he likes to call ‘Wildstyle’.

Stream Henrï on Spotify now.

Beerjacket releases delightful new album Silver Cords!


Nearly 5 years since the release of his last album, Darling Darkness, Scottish cult figure Beerjacketreturns with his most ambitious project to date, Silver Cords. Accompanying the 12 songs on the album are a collection of 12 short stories intertwined with the music, intended for consumption alongside it. Of the project Peter Kelly says, “At some point in the writing of Silver Cords, I decided the record would live in a book and that each song would be accompanied by a short story inspired by its lyrics.”. Kelly started writing the album in 2015 and its completion has taken 3 years. “Story by story, approximately once a month, the songs’ siblings entered the room. My imagination has superimposed details on the real-life buildings that inspired settings and, in some way, the stories play out there interminably now on three to five minute loops.” . A tender, personal journey, Silver Cords conveys that most distilled of life’s truths; it’s simple, but it’s also complicated. 

Silver Cords is now available to stream on Spotify and buy on Bandcamp.

HAVVK spin female objectification on its head with Always The Same!


HAVVK spin female objectification on its head with pulsating new single Always The Same, out now via Veta Records. Everyday women are made to feel uncomfortable, exposed, or in fear because of their gender. Always The Same asks men on the other side of that equation, especially those who have ever taken offence to women not returning their attentions, to question their sense of safety and entitlement and imagine what it’s like to walk down the same street in someone else’s shoes. Catch HAVVK live at Servant Jazz Quarters, London on 6th December 2018 - Tickets.

Stream Always The Same on Spotify now.

Varley share acoustic new video for dreamy Lonely Were The Days


Berlin-based trio Varley have shared a dreamy new acoustic video for their single Lonely Were The Days, out now. Talking about the video, Irish front-woman Claire-Ann Varley explains: “We wanted to create an intimate vibe and explore Lonely Were The Days in a different way than the production. We tend to start all of our songs on acoustic guitar, so it was really nice to go back to that and strip everything away until we were left with just the bare bones of the song.”

Stream Lonely Were The Days on Spotify now.

JUNODEF announce London release party with special guests!


Swedish post-rock quartet JUNODEF have announced they will be throwing a special release party on 5th December 2018 at The Windmill, Brixton. The band are exploring how different music and art forms can work together and bring out new perspectives to each other. For this evening only, they have invited friends and artists with different backgrounds to celebrate their past and upcoming releases. These artists include Solomon OBDiane Assiri and Holly Mullineaux (Goat Girl) doing a DJ set. To celebrate the announcement, the band have also teamed up with electronic producer Loraine James and released an ethereal remix of their latest single Heights, out now.

Stream Heights (Loraine James Remix) on Spotify now.

XY&O share silky smooth new single Fever!


Combining elements of chillwave and synth-pop soundscapes with an alternative R&B groove, Fever is another impressive offering from Welsh three-piece XY&O. A sensually atmospheric, brooding single, it fuses the dreamy, mellow vocals of Skip Curtis with a pulsing, groovy beat, all brought together neatly by funky strummed guitar segments.

Stream Fever on Spotify now.

Safe To Swim get creative in quirky new video!


Brighton newcomers Safe To Swim have now shared the quirky new video for their latest single Friends, out now. The single is packed with a punch; filled with huge hooks, pulsating drum beats and an undeniably infectious singalong chorus. Frontman Jim Filippides’ colloquial vocal style is instantly reminiscent of the likes of The Magic Gang’s Jack Kaye but with his own unique energy and flare oozing out by the bucketload. Talking about the track, Jim explains, “it was inspired after speaking to a couple of my friends who had lost someone very close to them. Based from what I was told, the song was born.”

Stream Friends on Spotify now.