M.Rexen promo shot 1.jpg

Multi-Instrumentalist Michael Rexen is introducing himself to the UK through the release of the hypnotic new video for recent single Henrï.

Born in the United Arab Emirates, M.Rexen has lived a nomadic existence having spent a number of years travelling throughout the Middle East and Africa. Gaining spiritual and creative inspiration from these experiences, M.Rexen has cultivated a unique sound.

This is no more apparent than on the dynamic new single, Henrï. Written as an ode to his best friend, bandmate and muse Henrï Gibbs (known for his work with Mellah), the single is an up-tempo, off-kilter earworm exhibiting M.Rexen’s unconventional sonic style; a genre of music he likes to call ‘Wildstyle’.

Now residing in Copenhagen, Denmark M.Rexen has begun to make a name for himself in the country. Honing his live performances over the years, M.Rexen has become synonymous with spectacular live shows where he enlists the support of a live band consisting of 10 members. These notable performances has led to support from the likes of Noisey (DK) and now, with Henrï due for release, he is looking to have a similar impact upon a UK-wide audience.

Henrï is out now via We Are Suburban.