Friday Round-up!

It's been another busy week here at ABoF, with new releases from Majestic Minds, Twist Helix and Copper Viper !

Majestic Minds prepare to take the dance world by storm with the release of their debut single, Oxygen !


Oxygen is the debut single from the new collaborative project, featuring producer Haides and singer-songwriter Marlie. Opening with whirring, melodic beats and Marlie’s slick, soulful tones, Oxygen hypnotises instantly. As the chorus begins with woozy electronics, soaring vocals and a truly infectious driving beat, Haides' UK dance influences are out in full force. Fans of MJ Cole and Artful Dodger will feel at home here.

Stream Oxygen on Spotify now. 

Twist Helix release intoxicating new single Graphite!


Indie-electro trio Twist Helix prepare to release their vibrant debut album Ouseburn, on 5th October 2018 via Paul Black Music. Taken from the album, Graphite is a song about the artist feeling frustration as she cannot articulate an authentic vision of her city, and it's filled with dynamic, synth-heavy beats, sounding akin to the likes of Depeche Mode and New Order

                                                     Stream Graphite on Spotify now. 


Folk duo Copper Viper release soaring new single Hung Up Alone!


London-based folk duo Copper Viper have released their latest single Hung Up Alone. Beginning intimately with just Robin Joel Sangster (vocals /acoustic guitar) and Duncan Menzies’ (vocals / mandolin / fiddle) intricate vocal harmonies and the gentle hum of frogs croaking in the distance, a sense of warmth is immediately apparent. The pace then picks up as Menzies’ mesmerising fiddle playing comes into play alongside Sangsters’ melodic acoustic guitar, giving Hung Up Alone a truly traditional British folk feel.

Stream Hung Up Alone on Spotify now.