Majestic Minds


"One of the most exciting names in music production…” 

- Wonderland

Majestic Minds prepare to take the dance world by storm with the release of their debut single, Oxygen, out on 24th August 2018.

This is the debut single from the new collaborative project, featuring producer Haides and singer-songwriter Marlie. Opening with whirring, melodic beats and Marlie’s slick, soulful tones, Oxygen hypnotises instantly. As the chorus begins with woozy electronics, soaring vocals and a truly infectious driving beat, Haides' UK dance influences are out in full force. Fans of MJ Cole and Artful Dodger will feel at home here.

The duo’s working relationship sparked into existence when Haides transformed Marlie’s emotive ballads into an uptempo track. The twist on the song created a buzz, inspiring them to set aside a week to get in the studio to see what they could concoct. Whilst bonding over a mutual love and appreciation for UK dance music they created a fresh batch of ideas, the basis of what would soon become Majestic Minds' debut EP. 

Marlie - aka Charlotte Haining - is a Leeds native and LIPA graduate who has already had successes in the DnB world. As a result, she’s received regular support from BBC Radio 1, 1Xtra and DJ Mag to name but a few. Her features have also been released on labels such as Ram Records, Monstercat and MTA Records, as well as collaborating with the likes of Hybrid Minds and Friction. Now living in London, she is pursuing her songwriting career, working with other genres, thus expanding her repertoire even further.

Despite being only 23, Haides - aka Callum Garvey - has been producing music since he was 14. Haides’ production encompasses a range of genres, yet remains infused with his signature synths and melodic vocal chops. Partnered with Marlie’s rich, soulful vocals, the pair have created a contemporary sound, feel-good ambience and a trace of nostalgia.

Between them, Haides and Marlie have received praise from the likes of Magnetic Magazine, The DJ List and Music Ninja to name but a few. Haides has also shared bills with the likes of Solomun, Nicole Moudaba, Clive Henry and Loco Dice. With Oxygen the talented pair prepare to mesmerise further with their infectious blend of UK dance.

Oxygen is out on 24th August 2018.