Friday Round-Up!

Maria Kelly shares poignant new single july!


Irish artist Maria Kelly has now released her poignant new single july, out now via Veta Recordsjuly is the second instalment from notes to self, a collection of songs detailing Maria’s move from Ireland to Berlin. While its predecessor, june, deals with honestly expressing difficult emotions in a bid to take back integrity, july attempts to look inward and asks the question, “when is it time to let those emotions go?” It explores the idea that we are ultimately in control of how we feel, and must take responsibility for what we choose to dwell on.

Stream july on Spotify now.

Only Sun wow with indie-pop earworm Happiness (All My Friends)!


Only Sun have now released their latest well crafted single Happiness (All My Friends).Illustrating their ability to write intelligent, well crafted instantaneous earworms, it's just over three minutes worth of indie-pop goodness.

Stream Happiness (All My Friends) on Spotify now.

Oh800 release infectious dance-punk debut
Character Building!


Boisterous dance-punk trio Oh800 prepare to get your legs moving with the release of their debut album Character Building, out now via Infinite Jest Records. The album’s nine tracks are a whip-smart take on modern malaise that is at turns upbeat and funny, sensitive and odd. The band describe it as “a sardonic observation on self-doubt, crap jobs, lame excuses and being a bit of a space cadet”. Oh800 feature former members of The Duke SpiritOh Ruin and Memory Maze, each a music fanatic in their own right. The album fizzes with intense yet witty existential energy, bound together by razor sharp guitars, a funked-up rhythm section and infectious glitchy electronica.

Stream Character Building, the new album from Oh800, on Spotify now.

Tokyo Taboo rage with seething energy on No Pleasure Only Pain!


Following last year’s debut 6th Street Psychosis, London band Tokyo Taboo have now announced their highly anticipated second album. Taken from the album, new single No Pleasure Only Pain is about the animal attraction you feel for someone even when you know they will only cause you pain, No Pleasure Only Pain rages with the band’s trademark ferocity as whirring hooks race alongside tremendous beats and the immense power of front-woman Dolly Daggerz’ vocals.

Stream No Pleasure Only Pain via Youtube now.

DYVR challenges gender stereotypes in powerful new video!

Ambient electronic artist DYVR has now shared the compelling new video for his latest single Shameful, out now. The video premiered exclusively on Attitude Magazine where DYVR opened up about his fluid sexuality, challenging gender stereotypes and how wearing nail polish could make a person feel uncomfortable. DYVR elaborates “I found it amazing how something so simple as nail polish could make a person feel uncomfortable. That kind of motivated me you know? Like, 'Screw you I'll dress how I want!'. Shameful became a kind of anthem for that motivation."

Stream Shameful on Spotify now.

ELVIN returns with enchanting new single Sweet Sensations!


Idiosyncratic singer-songwriter ELVIN returns with the release of her enchanting new single Sweet Sensations, out now. Taken from her forthcoming concept EP The GardenSweet Sensations finds ELVIN in a playground of the garden where the EP takes place. The self-produced single explores ideas of female sexuality whilst also allowing the listener to use their own imagination and immerse themselves within the majestic nature of the track. Once again, ELVIN’s distinctive vocal style is at the heart of the track, sounding akin to the likes of Florence Welch or Kate Bush. Accompanied by a twinkling musicality and dynamic harmonies, Sweet Sensations is a spellbinding introduction to ELVIN’s upcoming EP.

Stream Sweet Sensations on Spotify now.

CHILDCARE return with eclectic new single Bamboo!


Acclaimed softcore-psych group CHILDCARE return with the release of their eclectic new single Bamboo, out now via Big Indie RecordsBamboo is the first of its kind for the band, with Emma Topolski (bass) taking the reins as lead vocalist instead of usual frontman Ed CaresBamboo maintains the quartet’s unique ability to create skewed psych-pop complete with bombastic guitar riffs, world's-strongest- man drums and effortlessly flawless harmonies. Emma's vocals are served over a roaring triple decker soundwich; a brawny guitar/bass/drums triptych that tastes a little like Our Girl smothered in gooey Everything Everything sauce. Catch CHILDCARE live at Two Tribes Brewery in association with DIYand Big Indie Big Nights on 14th November Tickets

Stream Bamboo on Spotify now.

Sweden's Bellhouse shares the shimmering Like You Loved Us!


Swedish electro-pop artist Bellhouse returns with shimmering new single Like You Loved Us, out now. Talking about the single, Bellhouse - aka Emma-Lee Andersson - elaborates, “its a song about those pure, desperate emotions, when two people are trying to convince themselves that they are over but their hearts just wants to go back to the way they were.” Like You Loved Us is instantly majestic, filled with celestial electronics, sweeping production and Bellhouse’s powerful lead vocal effortlessly taking centre stage. Fans of the likes of Allie X and Zella Day will feel at home here.

Stream Like You Loved Us on Spotify now.

The Hope State prepares to release poignant debut Skeletons!

The Hope State promo 1.jpg

Canadian artist The Hope State - aka Taylor Johnson - prepares for the release of his poignant debut album Skeletons, out on 30th November 2018. Each track on this beautifully introspective debut uses powerful storytelling to create an undeniably immersive experience. Skeletons tackles a plethora of difficult subject matters including regret, depression, addiction, love, loss and hope with depth and delicacy, creating something heartbreakingly unassuming and incredibly compelling. Get a taster of what's to come by listening to latest single and album track Just Survive below.

Stream Just Survive on Spotify now.

Christoffer Berg channels 007 on cinematic new single Infiltrator!  

Christoffer Berg.jpg

Following debut single Unexpected Understanding, Copenhagen-based artist Christoffer Berg returns with a catchy new release. Inspired by Roger Moore’s portrayal of James Bond in 1979’s ‘Moonraker’, Infiltrator is an uplifting and instantly infectious slice of nostalgic alt-pop. Oozing Berg’s raw, gritty vocals and scuzzy hooks, it flows with soaring, twinkling melodies, creating a dreamy psychedelic soundscape.

Stream Infiltrator on Spotify now.