Friday Round-up!

We’ve been super busy here at ABoF over the last couple of weeks, with new releases from 0h800, Emily Magpie, Static Future, The Magic Lantern, DYVR, Junodef, Starry Skies and Daze. See, told you it had been busy!

Oh800 share atmospheric new video for Mission To Mars!

Boisterous dance-punk trio Oh800 have now shared their brand new video for upcoming single Mission To Mars. This release showcases the band's more reflective side and is the fifth single taken off their debut album Character Building, out on 2nd November 2018 via Infinite Jest Records. The album’s nine tracks are a whip-smart take on modern malaise that is at turns upbeat and funny, sensitive and odd.

Stream Oh800 on Spotify now.

Emily Magpie shares most personal release to date with new EP Be Your Own Light!

Following last year’s The Witching Hour, Bristol based artist and multi-instrumentalist Emily Spetch - aka Emily Magpie -  returns to grace our ears with a new spellbinding EP. Having previously refused to write many love songs, on Be Your Own Light, Emily opens up about heartbreak, creating the most personal of her releases so far. 

Stream Be Your Own Light on Spotify now.

Static Future showcase lo-fi post-disco soundscapes on 'Oh Master'!


Static Future have released the title track from their forthcoming album, Oh Master!, due for release on 16th November 2018 via SF Recordings. Combining elements of the post-punk inspired attitude of Talking Heads and neatly merging this with the hypnotic sounds of post-disco era acts, Static Future have created a layered sound straddling the line between throwback and contemporary. 

The Magic Lantern battles with anxiety on Darling Day!


The Magic Lantern, the musical moniker of Jamie Doe, has now shared his latest release Darling Day, from his stunning new album To The Islands, out 2nd November 2018 via Hectic Eclectic Records. Talking about the track, Jamie elaborates, “its about the unique kind of anxiety I get when I wake up and worry during the early hours in the darkness and the near silence of the pre-dawn…”

DYVR tackles ideals of modern masculinity on Shameful!


Ambient electronic artist DYVR returns with his most vulnerable release to date. Shameful covers the idea of modern masculinity and how a lot of men view emotions as something to be suppressed. DYVR elaborates “while I consider myself lucky to have grown up in a household that didn't necessarily endorse idea, I have been a person who allowed gender norms to affect the relationships I had around me. There were many points that I felt adrift and I still feel like I'm learning to be honest with myself about my sexuality and how my negative view of being male has led to behaviours that are damaging…”

Stream Shameful on Spotify.

Sweden's JUNODEF return with hypnotising new single Heights!


Swedish post-rock quartet JUNODEF return with the release of their hypnotising new single Heights, out now via AWAL. Instantly engaging, atmospheric soundscapes are able to soar effortlessly over the band’s signature spine-tingling sound. Karin Grönkvist’s (guitar / vocals) mesmerising lead vocals linger beautifully over the sombre back drop as unfurling melodies, distorted guitars, rumbling drums and sharp glitches of electronica captivate even further.

Stream Heights on Spotify now.

Starry Skies' uplifting new album Be Kind is out now!


Glasgow’s Starry Skies have now released their uplifting and soul soothing new album Be Kind, out now via Fox Star Records. Fusing together an eclectic range of genres, Be Kind tugs at the heartstrings in all the right ways. The album has received support from the likes of BBC Radio Scotland's Roddy HartIain Anderson and Billy Sloan to name but a few. 

Stream Be Kind on Spotify now.

DAZE release energy-fuelled new video!

North London’s DAZE have now shared the 90s inspired video for their full-throttle single Reformation , out now. Propelled by layers of fuzz-filled swirling hooks and a frantic energy, Reformation is an instantly catchy track that’ll stick in your ears on first listen. Oozing swooning, impassioned vocals and throbbing basslines, it soon builds to an immense, driving anthem, tinged with a welcome nostalgia of late noughties dance-floor classics.

Stream Reformation on Spotify now.