Friday Round-Up

Blossomer share atmospheric new single A_SHALLOW_SEA!

Zan new Dec 18 a.jpg

Sheffield’s Blossomer have now shared their kaleidoscopic new single A_SHALLOW_SEA, out now via Instant Karma. The single is taken from the band's enchanting new EP HLLW, out on 11th January 2018, which twinkles with gentle, spheric electronic beats, whilst lead singer Alex Crabbe’s bewitching falsetto is able to soar effortlessly. Talking about the track, Alex elaborates, "A_SHALLOW_SEA is sort of a continuation of the first track we ever released titled To The Sea. I have always had a tendency to write about the sea and nautical ‘stuff’, so this just felt like certain themes continued. It was stripped back much more than other tracks on the EP and this is sort of reminiscent of the Blossomer of old, because we’ve always been a fan of space in our music. Maybe no sound is better than sound sometimes…”

Stream A_SHALLOW_SEA on Spotify now.

Dustin Tebbutt releases poignant new video for Satellite (ii)!


To celebrate the release of his acclaimed EP Chasing GoldDustin Tebbutt has now shared the poignant new video for Satellite (II), out now via Eleven: A Music Company. Talking about the video, Dustin explains "I've been looking forward to sharing this one for a while, as - in my eyes - it's a single shot masterpiece, using colour, light and a small space to a mesmerising visual story about human distance and connection. Directed by Josh Harris, we shot this clip at the same time as it's sibling Satellite. The songs are loosely linked by their common theme and we wanted the clips to share a similar visual story, so you'll notice the two clips actually loop into one another, kinda creating their own orbit in time."

Stream Satellite (II) on Spotify now.

Maria Kelly releases refreshingly honest EP notes to self!


Irish artist Maria Kelly has released her refreshingly honest EP, notes to self,  out now via Veta Records. The EP is a heartbreakingly unassuming collection of songs diarising Maria’s move from Dublin to Berlin. It explores themes of leaving home and finding familiarity from within, even if that can sometimes be an uncomfortable thing to do. Maria's latest single to be taken from the EP, august, celebrates her new found confidence and understanding that you need to let go of whatever holds you back. The track blends Maria’s velvet-like vocals with ethereal soundscapes and honest lyricism to create a sound akin to the likes of Daughter or Hazel English.

Stream notes to self on Spotify now.

Bellhouse releases celestial new single Coping!


Swedish electro-pop artist Bellhouse has now shared her celestial new single Coping, out now. The single is considered a majestic alt-pop ballad, blending glitches of electronica with a sweeping piano-led musicality and Bellhouse’s intriguing vocals to create an undeniably ethereal sound. Bellhouse - aka Emma-Lee Andersson – describes Coping as: “I think what makes it so powerful is that behind all that suffering and hopelessness is an insight that it’s just temporary, that it’s okay not to be okay and that everything will be alright.”

Stream Coping on Spotify now.