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Following his production work on the critically acclaimed full length albums for Ah-Mer-Ah-Su (“Star”) and Peaches (“Rub”), Vice Cooler has just released his first EP entitled No Light, out now via VCR.

Produced, written, and recorded by Vice Cooler, No Light captures the chaotic energy that was evident, but restrained, on his previous productions. The EP was tracked over the course of 30 hours, with each track created by overdubbing layers of Moog DFAM loops.

Each song on No Light reflects the feelings of this age of uncertainty in which we live. The anxieties of daily life are mirrored in everything from the sounds of blown-up amps and destroyed drums on the super sonic track ‘No Light’, to the dark and dissonant atmospheres of ‘Fallen Moments’. The EP’s most melodic track, ‘Fool Them Again’, incorporates a modern take on classic 1980’s synth-pop combined with the saturated sounds of industrial drum machines.

Continuing to prove himself as one of the most enduring and distinctive producers in America today, Vice Cooler is known for harnessing powerful energy into striking tracks and explosive live shows which continuously leave lasting impressions on all those who experience the worlds he has created.

 Additionally to his EP, Vice Cooler has productions on albums for Ladytron (“S/T”, out now) and Louisahhh (“The Practice of Freedom”, out now).

No Light is out now via VCR Records.