SUN - Promo Shot 1.jpg

Brutal-Pop duo, SUN, are eager to announce themselves to the world through the release of their visceral debut single Higher Fire, out on 9th May 2019

SUN were born from the ashes of fate, when effervescent front woman, Karoline Rose, had a chance meeting with metronomic metal drummer, Vincent Kreyder, at a festival she was performing at. Hitting it off immediately, the pair combined their love of dark, atmospheric metal music with the bright, shimmering sensibilities of pop music. 

Higher Fire captures the band’s sound perfectly; heavy riffs are accented by vicious drum segments, set to the backdrop of mainstream pop songwriting, and knitted together by the growling, screaming vocals of Karoline Rose. Higher Fire is an opening salvo by a band who’s allure is multifaceted, creating a sound that transcends genre. 

With Higher Fire due to drop, followed by an appearance at The Great Escape festival on the 10th and 11th May, SUN are about to make a statement to the music world as they unveil their own unique brand of self styled Brutal-Pop.

Higher Fire is out on 9th May 2019