One Big Fuse


Power-pop trio, One Big Fuse, are thrilled to announce the release of their effervescent new single Swimming Pool, out now via Ragin’ Smith Records

Growing up on the Isle of Lewis, One Big Fuse spent their youth escaping their surroundings by ripping MP3’s of 90’s radio-rock bands (sorry Blink 182). The 90’s-style pop-punk influence can be heard immediately on Swimming Pool as One Big Fuse showcase their quirky, upbeat sensibilities for almost 3 minutes worth of uplifting rock music. Heartfelt vocals, expertly delivered by Scott Macleod, are accented by soaring fuzzy guitar segments, reminiscent of blue album era Weezer, and are impressively brought neatly together by a hip shaking beat.

Consisting of Scott Macleod (bass, vocals), Calum Fraser (guitar) and David Matheson (drums), the band didn’t form its current guise until the duo moved to Glasgow. With Scott and Calum having already performed together in high school, they recruited Outer Hebridean expat David to join forces and One Big Fuse were officially born. Since then they have picked up support from Jim Gellatly’s New Music column in The Sun as well as airplay on Amazing Radio and BBC Rapal.

Swimming Pool is out now via Ragin’ Smith Records