"supreme art-pop that is unafraid to deviate from the norm…."

- Clash

Intergalactic archeologists Moviestar return with another mesmerising slice of alt-pop, this time, joined by steampunk-rapper extraordinaire Professor Elemental. New single The Present is out now via Oh Yeah! Records/Cargo.

Ever considered what might happen if a post-pop-punk band from the future jumped in a worm hole to go back to the present in order to musically engage with a rhyming wordsmith from the past, who's somehow skipped forward in time to the year 2018? A possibly confusing concept, but one we've all most certainly considered at  some point in our lives. Well now, this scenario is a reality thanks to some science busting know-how by everyone’s favourite band from the future Moviestar alongside the esteemed Professor Elemental.

What may sound like an unlikely combination proves to be more fruitful than a bath of bananas, as Moviestar bring shiny coloured sci-fi pop straight outta 5523 and take Professor Elemental along for the ride, as he marvels at this cartoon wonderland where anything can happen. Appropriately titled The Present, this one-off collaboration is an infectiously positive look at the world we live in through rainbow-tinted specs. The past is a present to the present from the future!   

Earlier this year, Moviestar released their critically acclaimed debut album Stupid People / Happy Days, which received praise from the likes of Clash Magazine, Songwriting Magazine, Louder, and Atwood Magazine to name but a few. With The Present, the dynamic trio, alongside Professor Elemental, will continue to astound and amaze with their vibrant sci-fi pop.

The Present is out now via Oh Yeah! Records/Cargo.