Singer-songwriter KOSCHKA makes her solo debut with beautifully minimalist new single, The Flood, out now via Part Du Decor Records.

Already the lead singer of indie-electro quartet Nausica, who recently released their cinematic new single Black & White, KOSCHKA started out as a solo project in 2012. The Flood is the first single to be taken from her debut album, which will contain a combination of her own songs and re-arrangements of classical German songs from composers such as Franz Schubert and Robert Schumann. While KOSCHKA is not a classically trained musician, she works extremely intuitively and manages to combine her classical interests with her love of PJ Harvey and experimentation to create something gently genre-defying.

Recorded in one take, The Flood is a laconic piece of captivating piano-pop about ephemeral love, acceptance,  regret and the beautiful melancholia of being absorbed in memory. KOSCHKA elaborates, “after living in the Netherlands for almost ten years, I began missing the German language and culture. When I went back, I became mesmerised by Berlin’s spirit and started writing down everything I observed. Listening through the rich culture of classical songs and enjoying life, I began to start each day at my acoustic piano and just record instantly. No overthinking, just playing. I discovered a new way of composing; to tell relatable tales with a timeless character. Poetic, scary, uncertain, remarkable, direct, fragile and strong.”

With The Flood, KOSCHKA will absorb listeners further with her poignancy, intimacy and the gentle sounds of her muted piano.

The Flood is out now via Part Du Decor Records.