Desert Clouds

Desert Clouds 01.jpg

London based alt.rock four-piece, Desert Clouds, have made a welcome return as they release their brooding new single Speed of Light, out now via JiffyBag Records.

Desert Clouds refuse to be confined by genre, instead expertly combining a multitude of influences from various eras. From the wistful, psychedelic musings of Syd Barrett and the sludgy desert rock of Kyuss to the grunge-tinged nihilism of Alice In Chains, Desert Clouds have created a sound they can very much call their own.

From the opening note on Speed Of Light, the band’s bleak soundscapes are instantly recognisable. Ominous bass lines are flanked by the intense, angst-ridden vocals of David Land and are skilfully fused together by pulsing drum beats and distorted guitar segments.

Formed in 2008 by David Land (guitar, vocals) and Val Wallace (guitar, backing vocals) the band survived several changes to their line-up and, once settled down, with the addition of Andrea Orabona (drums) and Julius Caesar (bass), the band’s distorted, groove-heavy sound really began to bloom, culminating in release of EP Time Distortions and most recent single Under Tons.

Speed Of Light is out now via JiffyBag Records.