Scottish artist CAFOLLA prepares to release his powerful debut single 1985 on 22nd August 2019 via Dusty Reel Records.

Inspired by all things 80s, 1985 instantly takes you on a synth-infused journey back in time. The single combines uptempo racing beats with raucous guitar twangs and stimulating soundscapes to create a sound that in undeniably infectious. The distinctively soulful vocals feel immediately reminiscent of the likes of Prince or Jamiroquai’s vibrant and unique performance style. Talking about the single, CAFOLLA elaborates, 1985 is all about today’s society and ruling classes. It’s asking you, has anything really changed since 1985? No, we need to learn from our mistakes to go forward.”

For the last ten years, CAFOLLA has fronted the award-winning group Federation of the Disco Pimp. During this time he has collaborated with music legends such as Pee Wee Ellis (James Brown, Van Morrison) and shared the stage with the likes of Nile Rodgers and CHIC, Sister Sledge and James Taylor Quartet to name but a few. Now, CAFOLLA prepares to go it alone with 1985, the lead single from his debut album Cowboys and Africans, which is out later this year.

 1985 is out on 22nd August 2019 via Dusty Reel Records.