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Singer songwriter Skip Curtis, is excited to share his music with the world as he prepares to release debut single Wild Love, out on 7th December 2018 via Electric MVM.

A bittersweet, heartfelt offering, Curtis creates a sound that straddles the line between angst-ridden singer songwriter, think Elliott Smith, and the passionate rock music made famous by the likes of Ryan Adams and Bruce Springsteen.

Inspired by the desolate romanticism of parts of the Welsh Valley’s, Skip tackles themes of loneliness, isolation and desperation. Wild Love’s double entendre offers the listener hope that the attention of another can provide sanctuary; a reflective introduction from a gifted artist.

Growing up in the Valley’s, Skip found ideological escapism in writing music. He adopted the Welsh poet David Hughes’ famous riposte ‘Ambition is Critical’ as a mantra to create music. “I never wanted music to be a way of physically escaping the Valleys. I love them. It was about escaping the stereotype. I was always trying to do something different; playing music and writing songs became my answer. They were and still are, my satisfaction.”.

Skip’s ambition was to originally write songs for other people, which circumstantially led to him becoming one third of Welsh haze-pop band XY&O. Wisely deciding to use his own unique vocal range to bring the songs to life. Skip has continued to develop his song writing skills both in a band and as a solo performer.

Having already performed at Glastonbury with XY&O, Skip is now building his own project with the release of Wild Love and more singles planned for 2019 as well as a number of live dates due to be scheduled.

 Wild Love is out on 7th December 2018 via Electric MVM.