This November will see the launch of the beta version of Comichaus’s revolutionary new app.

Having started out as a website to support and profile small and indie comic book creators, they built a respectable database and marketplace for comic books. They met an abundance of talented creators and launched a print comic book after their first year. This featured as many indie creators as budgets would permit and they wanted to look at a way to evolve.

By creating an app, this would help raise awareness of the excellent comics they were showcasing whilst building the creators profiles in order to fund future print issues. The print issues for sale on Comichaus by all creators are linked to the app, therefore, if a reader likes what they have read on the app - they can buy the print edition and also find out all the other books each creator was involved in.

How does it work? The app will include featured, new release and 'most read' comics. Users will be able to search the entire catalogue and also filter by categories such as creator, publisher etc. There will be further information on creators involved and users can review and recommend titles with the ability to share these on social media.

For a £3 subscription, a month (£30 a year) the consumer can read as many titles as they want whilst being able to store some offline for when your need to.

Founder, Pete Genepool’s passion behind the start-up is very clear, “The creators themselves are so passionate, it is impossible to resist when you see the products everyone creates whilst still holding down day jobs and working so hard. They need to be seen by more people!”

The uniqueness of the app is clear in that whilst there are a lot of comic book apps on the market, Comichaus will be focusing on JUST the indie comic community and splitting 50% of the subscription/advert revenue with the creators based on consumption.

Described as the “Netflix for comics” and with a few hundred books ingested for the testing of the app and continuous submissions being received every day, the aim is to become the ‘go to’ place to read comics.

The app will be available on Platforms: iOS, Android Versions: iOS 9, iOS 10.x, Android 4.4 - 7.x and Layouts: Portrait Handset, Tablet Portrait, Tablet Landscape to begin.

For the independent comic community, this is a vital new addition and one that will hopefully become a launch pad not only for its inventors, but more importantly the creators it houses.

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