Law Holt’s debut album ‘City’ out now!

"Playful pop with sinister undertones..."

"...explosive..." - The Line of Best Fit

“Magnificent.” - The Skinny

For fans of... Young Fathers, ABRA, Xenia Rubinos

Law Holt's debut album City is out now via Soulpunk and is available to stream on Spotify and buy on iTunes.

City is Law's own unique, twisted take on pop and the album has received praise from the likes of DIY, Drowned in Sound and The Skinny with the exclusive album stream premiering on SPIN last week.

The video for album track 'Love Drive Through' also premiered on Gold Flake Paint and is available to watch now via Law's YouTube channel along with the previously released 'Spit'.

Law recorded her latest album City with producer Timothy London; of their working relationship she says "When I started working with Tim we hit it off... the way he worked fitted with what I wanted to do."

After the sessions for the album had finished, in the basement studio where City was recorded, producer Tim London found a folded A4 sheet of paper amongst some lyric notes.  Written in three types of coloured biro were these exact words:

“You don’t know a damn thing. It’s a witchy awareness, and if you could take a little swig from the bottle you might get the telepathy. But right now, you don’t deserve it, cos you think pop is fucking in a photo-booth in a shopping mall, you think it’s the reflection of the tip of your penis vibrating in the dark screen of your laptop. American. Packaging. Wanker.”

“It’s a mock wedding. I’m fucking fed up with it. Don’t judge me. Just because you lost your soul. My tears are real, wet salt. My feelings are raw.”

“OK, in the end I’ll probably forgive you, even if you refuse to dance. I’ll forgive you long enough to make another album from the whole story, which is all it is, from the fantasy, which is all you are.”

“In the end, I’ll use you like you used me, ‘boy’. Then you’ll be discarded like a limp condom on a Spanish beach. Then I will have won and you’ll just be an itch, a gnat bite on my memory. Then people will listen to these songs and they will know how a little, insignificant prick can inspire joy in a woman as he fades away. You. Are. Not. Even. A. Dot.”

When Tim asked her who it was addressed to, Lauren refused to answer and just said, “it’s private”.

Having been described as “the Death Grips of pop”, her sound is hard to define but has received critical acclaim from The Skinny, Guardian, Clash, The Line of Best Fit, DIY and many more. Law transcends genres, time and sound. Loneliness, darkness and romance are themes she regularly explores. She describes her music as “Law themed” and she’s spot on - you can look, but there’s no one quite like Law.

Law Holt’s album City is out now via Soulpunk and is available to stream on Spotify and buy on iTunes.

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Posted Tue, 30 Aug 2016 in Law Holt