Esperi’s ‘Melancholics Anonymous’ EP out now!

For fans of... Owen, American Football, Elliott Smith, Mark Kozelek

"Juxtaposing acoustic guitar and a whole host of odd instruments and percussion, Esperi mainman Chris Lee-Marr seems to be making all the right waves." - The List

Multi-instrumentalist Chris Marr makes a welcome return under the guise of Esperi with the release of the EP Melancholics Anonymous, which is out now on Fall On Records.

The record typifies Marr's ability to write heart-warming, personal and evocative tunes, enhanced by the use of an array of weird and wonderful instruments ranging from strings and bells to kalimba and chimes to toys and bikes! Embracing the subject matters of love, friendship, longing and loss, Marr constructs sensitive yet up lifting music aided by childlike percussion and skilful guitar playing.

The video for the EP track "Come Dine With Me" is available to watch on Esperi's YouTube channel now.

Tracks such as "Homer" and "Come Dine With Me" showcase Marr’s song writing ability as well as a keen ear for melody and hooks, not to mention delicate vocals and expert intricate guitar picking. "Broadlands" creates a lovely segue between the first and second half of the EP, a short track emphasising the work of an expert story teller as Marr whispers, "you're eyes never too hard to disguise, you're face never to hard to embrace."

"Come Dine With Me" is also available to download now from the A Badge of Friendship Soundcloud page.

There is an impressive list of guest musicians featuring on tracks like “Homer” including The Korda String Quartet, Jon Adam (Vasquez), Kev Black (Laeto, Fat Goth) and Ged Grimes (Deacon Blue) contribute as well as the experimental use of a number of unfamiliar "instruments" to add that sense of uniqueness fans of Esperi have become used to.

With the release of the Melancholics Anonymous EP, a tour in the offing, a showcase at the GoNorth festival followed by his debut album In A Moment, Emotion, Sentiment released July 2nd, Esperi look set to continue their sharp rise in the singer-songwriter genre as well as introducing the wider music community to their poignant, soothing sound.

Melancholics Anonymous is out now via Fall On Records.

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Posted Mon, 21 May 2012 in Esperi