Record Store Day 2017

It's that time of year again; the time when we queue for hours outside our favourite shop to get our hands on some exclusive shiny round discs. Celebrating its 10th year, Record Store Day 2017 sees an array of special re-releases, a hefty selection of live recordings and an abundance of exciting brand new singles and EPs. What's not to love?! With some of the most prominent names on the list including Iggy Pop, David Bowie (numerous times), Dolly Parton, Fleetwood Mac and even The Beatles, team ABoF have chosen some of the releases we're most excited about this year...


Mew - Frengers (1LP)
Unbelievably released fourteen years ago this month, Frengers is still an absolutely cracking album that I still listen to today. Mew are one of my favourite bands and I think this record still stands up today despite the band cultivating a more mature, honed sound as they have progressed through each album.

Sugar - Copper Blue (3LP)
Sugar’s enduring presence on the alt-rock scene and the bands it spawned is borne out through this timeless record. Led by Hüsker Dü’s Bob Mould, Copper Blue is a fantastic record from start to finish with tracks like ‘Changes’, ‘A Good Idea’, ‘Helpless’ and ‘Hoover Dam’ not only standing out, but illustrating their influence on contemporary alternative rock bands.


Baby Metal - Metal Resistence (V12x2)
This is Baby Metal’s second album, which was released last year. I’m a sucker for a massive riff and I’ve been quite secretly captivated by the Japanese metal idol band since their debut in 2014.

Coheed & Cambria - Good Apollo I'm Burning Star IV (x2 LP Vinyl)
The first time I came across Coheed & Cambria was the video for ‘Welcome Home’ on MTV2 (yes, when MTV actually played alternative music!). I didn’t know quite what I was listening to but I liked it and I’ve got a major soft spot for an epic rock tune (being a huge Queen fan, would you expect anything less?). I thought I’d inject a little prog into ABoF’s RSD list - bring the metal!


The Cribs - Men's Needs, Women's Needs, Whatever (LP)
I’m not that up to speed with The Cribs’ newest material, but this album was the first I’d heard of them and definitely played a part in the soundtrack of my teenage years. Filled with jangly guitars and that signature noughties indie sound, I will always feel nostalgic listening to this record. Personal favourites include ‘Girls Like Mystery’, ‘I’ve Tried Everything’ and ‘Ancient History’.

Mungo’s Hi Fi ft. Johnny Clarke - Rain Keeps Falling (7")
I was introduced to Mungo’s Hi Fi when I was at university as they were quickly becoming regulars on the Brighton live circuit. These guys always put on an incredible show and have collaborated with some awesome artists. This new release with Johnny Clarke, from what I’ve heard, sounds like another feel-good reggae tune with Johnny Clarke’s smooth, warm vocals blending in perfectly. Summer needs to hurry the hell up now please!


Goldie - Inner City Life (12")
I was and am obsessed with Bjork, and through being a fan of her I was turned onto Goldie back in 1995. I then started to develop a really big love of trip hop and drum n bass in general. This is a seminal track and really made a lot of people sit up as did his album Timeless. It seemed to bridge the gap between the mainstream and the more underground and sometimes harder to access aspects of the drum n bass genre. The fact that there is a Burial remix of this as well on this release just makes it a must buy.

Super Furry Animals - International Language Of Screaming (7" Coloured Vinyl)
I have a tattoo of this band on my foot. That’s how much I love them. They are quirky, colourful, clever, funny, dynamic, innovative and one of the best bands to ever have come out of the UK. End of.


The The - You Can't Stop What's Coming (7")
Ever since I heard the song ‘Uncertain Smile’ from the 1983 album Soul Mining, I knew I’d fallen in love with The The. Their unusual mix of new romantic '80s reverb and world instrumentals, along with vocal melodies that are easy to repeat, You Can’t Stop What’s Coming can’t come soon enough for me.

Pineapple Express (Various Artists) (2x12"LP)
This movie is definitely in my top ten comedies of all time and the soundtrack certainly does it justice. With absolute classics like Eddy Grant's ‘Electric Avenue’ and Cypress Hill’s ‘Dr. Greenthumb’, you go on a journey with Franco and Rogen into “Stonerville”. Grade A baker's paradise.


Elastica - Elastica (LP + Flexidisc + Fanzine)
Although I was only ten when this album was originally released, classics such as ‘Connection’ and ‘Stutter’ accompanied my teendom and beyond, with ‘Waking Up’ becoming somewhat of a personal anthem over the years. I think Justine Frischmann and co. first came to my attention when I saw ‘Waking Up’ on an episode TOTP, with none other than Damon Albarn appearing on keys/posing; and that was it – I was instantly in awe of the immense sense of cool that oozed from the three guitar-wielding women on stage.

The Duke Spirit - Serenade (12" EP)
Having been a long-term fan of The Duke Spirit (but falling even more in love with them since being blown away by their completely captivating sets at Field Day and The Scala last year), it would be pretty dreamy to own this EP on vinyl. Filled with four sweeping, cinematic creations, including the utterly beguiling title track, this EP showcases front-woman Liela Moss' enthralling power perfectly. Plus it's pink. A must have.

The View - Hats Off To The Buskers (1LP)
Filled with one catchy indie-rock anthem after another, the debut album from Dundee's The View is now a decade old. To celebrate, the band are re-releasing this exclusive version on transparent vinyl, with limited edition original artwork to match. Originally hitting the number one spot in the UK charts in 2007, the album introduced the world to the band’s upbeat, observational indie-rock and frontman Kyle Falconer’s signature youthful energy and proudly emphatic Scottish vocals. So, put on some old jeans and turn this up loud.

Check out all the releases at the Record Store Day website and have a listen to AboF's Record Store Day 2017 playlist here:

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ABoF Staff Picks of the Month!

Every month Daniel blogs about what Team ABoF are listening to in the office - the non-ABoF bands that are rocking our worlds.

It's that time of the month where we at A Badge of Friendship are here to give you a taste of what we're listening to. Whether in the office, on public transport or in the comfort of our own homes, here are the tracks that we, the ABoF team have had on repeat for the past month or so. Finally, 2016 is over and we can start getting on with our lives and make a fresh start as 2017 can’t get any worse than last year, which is why (at least in my head) I’m optimistic about this year and the music yet to be released.

Here are some great tracks that we named our top picks for January:


Homeshake - Every Single Thing

Jay Som - The Bus Song

Spoon - Hot Thoughts


WHY? - Proactive Evolution

Antonio Williams // Kerry McCoy - Dark Denim

Pile - Texas


Beach For Tiger - Black Buddha

Penelope Isles - Cut Your Hair

Loyle Carner - Damselfly


Agnes Obel - Its Happening Again

Bonobo - Bambro Koyo Ganda feat. Innov Ganda

Sleaford Mods - BHS


Blond Maze - Antarctica

Dream Nails - Deep Heat

Young Romance - Wasting Time


The Shins - Name For You

Japandroids - No Known Drink Or Drug

Wilsen - Centipede

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ABoF Staff Picks of the Month!

It's that time of the month where we at A Badge of Friendship are here to give you a taste of what we're listening to. Whether in the office, on public transport or in the comfort of our own homes, here are the tracks that we, the ABoF team have had on repeat for the past month or so.

You can listen to the playlist in its entirety here:

You can see who picked what here:


Taylor Hawkins - Range Rover Bitch
Sasha & the Bear - See Me As I Am
GUM - Gemini


True Widow - F W T S L T M
Grails - Chalice Hymnal
Antonio Williams // Kerry McCoy - Changes


Superglu - Dreams
Elli Schoen - Mumma
The Dig - Simple Love


Heavy Heart - The Way Home
Anohni - Marrow
Cabbage - Uber Captalist Death Trade


Local Natives - Villainy
DYAN - Looking For Knives
Wild Nothing - Lady Blue


Deep Throat Choir - Be Ok
Low - Some Hearts (At Christmas Time)
The Muffin Heads - Queen Bitch

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ABoF November Playlist!

Starting from November, we’re putting together a monthly playlist of some of the best releases from our current roster.

November’s playlist features an array of artists. There's 90s inspired grunge from Glasgow band The Van T’s and folk from Nottingham’s Gallery 47. Each playlist gives you an idea of just how diverse the A Badge of Friendship roster is from month to month, something we’re very proud of and glad to share with you now.

November tracklist:

The Van T's - Fun Garcon
Hawk - Mirror Maze
Stars and Rabbit - Man Upon The Hill
Freja Frances - Breathe
Chris James - Stairs Up To The Sun
Rootwork - Trust
ISLE - Faults
The Empty Page - Turbulance
Sam Brockington - Manta Ray
Chris James - Space In The Clouds feat. DM Smith
Polsky - Halycon Daze
Vienna Ditto - Busted Flush
Gallery 47 - Mother's Plan
Rainbrother - Riverside
K V A S I R - First Throws
Black International - Shining Swords
We Came From Wolves - Places Unfamiliar
Animal House - Domino
Freja Frances - Porcelain Doll
Tokyo Taboo - N.A.R.C.I.S.M.
Outblinker - Hallogallo
Lowla - Electrified
Melissa Bel - In The Light
Crash Club - Pennydrop
When Tomorrow Becomes Yesterday (Jo Mango) - If I Could Choose
The Imagineers - Utopian Dreams
GANGS - Dance With Your Own Bones
Sam Brockington - Peace of Mind

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A Badge of Friendship on FUBAR - Ep. 41 feat. NZCA Lines and Gigwise!

This is the gang's last live recording for a while as the trip are about to embark upon an 8-week break to revamp the show. There will be lots of surprises, special guests and awesome content from April onwards but that doesn't mean episode 41 is any less brilliant than the rest.

Michael of NZCA Lines and Andrew Trendell of Gigwise joins Claire, Paul and Ed on the phone. NZCA Lines' terrific album Infinite Summer is out now and Andrew Gigwise chats about his favourite January releases and starts the most important discussion they've ever had - the perfect potato salad recipe. Onions or no onions? You decide!

Tracks played on the show:

Bad Wave - ‘Runaway’
Shearwater - ‘Quiet Americans’
Nzca Lines - ‘Two Hearts’
Nzlca Lines - ‘Chemical Is Obvious’
David Bowie - ‘Lazarus’
Tortoise - ‘The Catastrophist’
Savages - ‘The Answer’
Dialects - ‘It’s Not A Ghost… It’s Gravity’
Tongues - ‘Religions'

You can listen back to all our previous shows via Fubar's website.

If you're a band or a label and would like your track to be considered for the show or are interested in our PR services, please email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), visit or follow @abof on Twitter
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