This week’s new releases

Here's your run-down of the week's latest ABOF releases!

HAWK - Below
Berlin-based HAWK return with the sweeping passion of new AA-side Can’t Explain / Below out on 17th November. Below is available to stream now.

LIEZA - Eyeliner
Nashville-based artist Meghan Roner - aka LIEZA - has finally found her sound and has now released her sparkling new single Eyeliner.

Gallery 47 - Adversity Breeds
Alt-folk songwriter Gallery 47's colourfully political album, Adversity Breeds, is out now.

Megan Henwood - Seventh
Critically acclaimed singer-songwriter Megan Henwood returns with another majestic alt-folk single, Seventh.

Right Said Fred - I'm Too Sexy
Right Said Fred recently spent a weekend in the studio having fun with I’m Too Sexy and Taylor Swift’s Look What You Made Me Do. The video for the live mash-up premiered on Billboard.

Mt. Doubt - Mouthwash
Edinburgh's Mt. Doubt have released their instantly infectious single, Mouthwash. The single premiered on The List.

Posted Mon, 25 Sep 2017

This week’s new releases

As the days start to feel decidedly autumnal, we felt it only right to brighten the end of your week with some fantastic new music.

Here is your run down of the latest ABOF releases for your listening pleasure:

Belle Mt. - Hollow
The cinematic new single from Matt Belmont and co. premiered on Mahogany.

North Atlas - Another Ocean
The dynamic new single from Glasgow's alt-rock quartet premiered on Team Rock.

Nav Attack - Centipede
The glitchy, dystopian-themed single from LA-based nav/attack will send shivers down your spine.

The Deportees - A Single Truth
The Aberdeenshire five-piece offer dark melodic folk sounds in this latest single, which is taken from their upcoming debut album The Birth Of Industry, due out on 3rd November 2017.

Seyd - Another World
The beautifully ethereal single from this new alt-pop artist premiered on Gigslutz.

Laura Elvin - Wonder
The idiosyncratic songwriter's latest creation is a spellbinding sonic delight.

The Bara Bara Band - The Seeds Inside (The Grapes Upon The Vine)
This new album from the South London band effortlessly blends the new with the old to create a cocktail of feel-good folk.

East Of My Youth - Broken Glass
The celestial new single from the Icelandic synth-pop duo premiered on Clash.

Liv Austen - The Next Time
This infectious slice of country-pop from the Norwegian born singer-songwriter is set to seduce listeners across the globe.

ABOF’s Mercury Prize picks from over the years

With this year's Mercury Prize nominees being announced last week, it got the ABOF team thinking about all the records that have been nominated over the years. Whether or not they managed to win the prize, we've chosen some of the records that have stood out for us as deserving winners...


Portishead - Dummy (1995)

This album came left of centre and was a refreshing side step from the pretty generic Britpop that was beginning to dominate the charts at the time. Portishead’s Dummy really threw me, it was such a fresh, intriguing sound... Dark, melancholic in places and moody, all shades which spoke to me during my teenage years! The album still sounds great today, the sign of a seminal piece of work.


The Invisible - The Invisible (2009)

The Invisible are one of those bands many people have heard of but haven’t actually listened to. The fact they were nominated alongside the likes of Bat For Lashes, The Horrors, Kasabian and La Roux further highlighted the fact that they were a band creating music far removed from many of their fellow nominees. Off kilter yet surprisingly danceable, The Invisible are the type of band who skip to their own beat, managing to step away from the current trends, creating a brand of melancholic, yet uplifting, music that they would build upon, and possibly better, through their brilliant 2012 release Rispah.


Amy Winehouse - Frank (2004) and Back To Black (2007)

As a singer, Amy Winehouse has always been one of my biggest inspirations. Her ability to write heartfelt, harrowing lyrics combined with her musical influences of jazz, crooners and motown are incomparable, in my opinion. I actually never realised that both Frank and Back To Black were nominated and how neither of them won it is beyond me. The latter obviously being her more famous album but Frank I think is equally as important. It shows Winehouse at her most unpolished and unsure and the more I listen to this album, the more I fall in love with it.


Leftfield - Leftism (1995)

A fresh exciting album that was a game changer in a lot of ways. Leftfield were one of the most innovative dance artists to come along at the time and for an album like this to be produced and stand out in 1995 when it was one of the strongest years for new music is testament. The production on this is stunning and the ideas behind each song are mindblowing.


The Klaxons - Myths Of The Near Future (2007)

Described as acid rave sci-fi punk funk, Klaxons have churned out an eclectic mess of indie party anthems over their tenure in the spotlight. The album Myths Of The Near Future was released the same year that I turned 18, so I vividly remember hearing the single ‘It’s Not Over Yet’ in every indie and alternative club night that I began to attend whilst growing up in the Midlands. This album was full of energetic mayhem from start to finish, incorporating electronic synths that lifted your mood with every listen, alongside fast paced drum beats that made the whole room spontaneously dance. The rigorous feel and nature of Klaxons has never left me and I continue to compare bands to their electronic fuelled energy to this day.


PJ Harvey - Rid Of Me (1993)

In my opinion, one of the most important albums ever made, PJ Harvey's Rid Of Me is a barrier-breaking, era-defining creation that continues to set the bar for what an innovative rock LP should be. Today, twenty four years after its initial release, it is as powerful as ever. Those distinctive gritty, impassioned vocals and thrashing riffs that shine through in tracks such as 'Man Size' and '50 Ft Queenie' get me every time and, as Polly Jean repeatedly howls "Hey, I'm king of the world", I can't help but agree. She continues to be an immense presence in the world of music, and a role model to many, as this album continues to stand out as one of the best ever made.

Check out our Mercury Nominees playlist below:

Posted Fri, 28 Jul 2017

A Badge Of Friendship At TRNSMT Festival

With Glasgow's TRNSMT festival coming up this weekend (7th - 9th July), we felt it only right to celebrate how proud we are that three awesome bands from our roster will be making an appearance there!

So, if you're thinking of heading over to Glasgow Green this weekend, be sure not to miss these three acts:

The View

Scottish indie four-piece The View celebrated the 10th anniversary of their debut album Hats Off To The Buskers with a 10th anniversary limited edition vinyl release for Record Store Day earlier this year.

Since their debut, the band have gone on to release five albums in total, 2015’s Ropewalk being their most recent release, produced but The Strokes’ Albert Hammond Jr. and Gus Oberg. The band have been praised for their trademark indie rock style that has matured through their last five releases but has never succumbed to music’s ever changing fashion trends.

The Van T's

Glasgow based four-piece The Van T’s have imposed their reverb-laden brand of alt.rock upon the musical landscape over the past twelve months or so. Their relentless sound has resonated on both sides of the Atlantic; picking up impressive support both at home in the UK and Europe as well as some of the most notable North American tastemakers. The Van T’s continue their impressive run of releases with their raucous new single Fresh Meat, out now via LAB Records.

Be Charlotte

Be Charlotte are fronted by teenager Charlotte Brimner who is already regarded as one of the most prestigious and cutting edge songwriters on the Scottish music scene, illustrating a rare ability to transcend genres with ease; incorporating pop, hip-hop, beatboxing, electro and indie pop, crafting unmistakable soundscapes that are as playful as they are poignant. Tackling social issues her listeners can easily identify with, Be Charlotte creates vibrant, captivating music while skilfully integrating intelligent, affecting songwriting.

Head over to the TRNSMT website for more info about the festival, and have a listen to ABOF's TRNSMT playlist here:

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ABoF Staff Picks at The Great Escape!

Ah The Great Escape Festival, that time when the streets of Brighton are suddenly even busier than usual and its even more acceptable to roam the streets with a can in your hand. This year's prestigious event hosts another truck load of talent including the likes of Slaves, Kano, The Magic Gang and Superfood to name but a few. With the festival now imminent, we here at team ABoF have selected some of the artists we'd highly recommend checking out this year...



They were on the ABoF roster a few years back and I’m still in love with this band. Catch them on Thursday, 18th May at Sticky Mike's Frog Bar at 2.30pm and at Latest Music Bar at 1.15pm.

Honey Lung

Honey Lung have kind of creeped up on me in the last 6-months and I’ve dug everything they’ve put out so far. These guys are great. Catch them at Bleach on Friday, 19th May at 8.30pm.

Noga Erez

I’ve got a major girl crush on Noga Erez - such a talented musician and producer! Catch Noga Erez at Komedia Studio, Friday 19th May at 10.30pm.


Be Charlotte

One of Scotland's most exciting talents, Be Charlotte have been making waves all over the world with their innovative sound. A sound that incorporates pop, beatbox, hip-hop, indie pop and electro. Their live performances are electric and certainly one worth catching at TGE. Catch be Charlotte at at the Brighthelm Centre on Thursday 18th May at 3.30pm and at Komedia Studio on Saturday 20th May at 1.15pm.

Maria Kelly

Indie folk singer songwriter has such a poignant, ethereal sound. Her delivery has a purity and grace that effortlessly pulls you in. There is a fragility to her voice that allows Maria to create a well of emotion through every single lyric she delivers. Catch Maria Kelly at The Hope & Ruin on Thursday 18th May at 1.45pm.


The garagepop vibes flowing from female duo Gurr is a must see at TGE. Lo-fi chiming guitars and vocal harmonies akin to 80's female pop heavyweights of the past blend together to create catchy melodic contemporary indie rock. Catch them on Thursday, 18th May at Sticky Mike's Frog Bar at 3.30pm and at Green Dorr Store at 9.15pm.


Aine Cahill

This girl's haunting voice is absolutely stunning. Already a huge hit in her home country Ireland, she is definitely one to watch for 2017.Catch Aine Cahill at One Church on Friday, 19th May at 10.30pm.

Tired Lion

I stumbled across this band completely by accident but I'm so glad I did. Hailing from Perth, Australia, these guys are full of energy, bolshy guitars and all around fun. Catch them on Thursday, 18th May at Komedia at 12.50pm, on Friday 19th May at Bleach at 10.30pm and again on Saturday, 20th May in Patterns at 12.50pm.


I've been following Amelia Murray aka Fazerdaze for a while now and am so glad to see that she's back in Brighton for The Great Escape. Bedroom dream-pop at its best. Catch them on Thursday, 18th May at Queen's Hotel at 1.30pm and again at The Arch at 11.30pm.


The Van T’s

They are going to be huge. Their melodies, tenacity, musicianship in general and approach to what they do is notable. I look forward to see them in stadiums serving people their dinner. From Scotland and probably in the top 10 bands playing Great Escape this year. I am far from biased, this is a true story. Catch them at the Brighthelm Centre on Thursday 18th May at 2.30pm and again at Sticky Mike's Frog Bar at 7.30pm.


Everyone is talking about Sigrid. The Norwegian artist has the hooks. She is like a Robyn for the next generation. Norway is producing some of the best music in the world right now and she illustrates why. This is quality pop. Lyrically, this is also a strong two fingers up at everyone in your life you need to get rid of. It’s defiant and beautiful. Catch her on Thursday, 18th May at Coalition at 8pm and again at Wagner Hall at 4.30pm on Friday the 19th.

Eat Fast

My favourite band of 2016. They fill a really big gap in terms of harsh, relentless alt rock. Every single song they have released is a banger. From Newcastle and two of them used to be in the incredible Let’s Buy Happiness. I thank God they are doing well, as they are guitar music, they are new ambassadors for guitar music and they show guitar music is far from dead. Catch them live on Friday, 19th May at Horatio's at 8.15pm and again at 7.15pm on Saturday, 20th May.


L. A Salami

Lookman Adekunle Salami conveys poetic words and emotional messages through the beauty of folk and soul. I first heard of him in 2014 when he released ‘Nazi’s on the Northern Line’ and since then never questioned his ability to produce such beauty through creative story telling. Melancholic tones like his are what attract me to folk music and make me want to write in a similar vein. Catch him at the Fender Paramount Stage on Thursday, 18th May at 2pm and again at the Unitarian Church at 9.30pm.

Wild Front

There aren’t many British bands that give me the same ‘feels’ as Wild Front. They create emotional music that swings towards an american influenced sound - ambient and lo-fi whilst being boisterous and epic from song to song. Wild Front are obviously a band that has spent some time together musically and deserve all the attention they’re getting at the moment. I hope they continue to do what they do. Catch them at The Hope & Ruin on Thursday, 18th May at 3.15pm.

Marika Hackman

Ever since I first heard the eerie harmonies and rhythmic sounds of ‘Deep Green’ I’ve been hooked on Marika Hackman. I haven’t had a “pop crush” on anyone since the Avril Lavigne days (get over it I was 12/13), but this girl just oozes talent and a sense of coolness that only perspires from the greats. Her new single ‘Violet’ is one of her best yet as Marika tends to have a great ear for unusual harmonies that send shivers down your spine. I would love to see this girl live! Catch her at Paganini Ballroom on Thursday, 18th May at 8.15pm.


Baby Queens

I recently saw the Cardiff collective of awesome women supporting The Orielles at The Social and was completely blown away! I just can’t get enough of their smooth soulful vocals, gorgeous grooves, utterly flawless harmonies and empowering vibes. Catch them on Friday at Latest Music Bar at 2.15pm or Jubilee Square at 7.30pm.

Pip Blom

Following the success of last year’s EP Are We There Yet?, Amsterdam-based artist Pip Blom has received acclaim from the likes of Huw Stephens on Radio 1 and a whole load of love and multiple airplays from BBC 6 Music’s Marc Riley. I just love her jangly, lilting melodies and scuzzy vocals. She'll be playing on Friday at Komedia at 2.30pm and Brighthelm Centre at 8.30pm

Teen Canteen

I recently heard a live session with the Scottish band on Marc Riley's show on 6 Music, and it was love at first listen. Creating epically catchy, twinkling indie-pop anthems oozing the distinctive, sultry vocals of Carla Easton, they're definite ones to watch this year. They'll be live at Brighthelm Centre at 12.15pm on Friday and in Jubilee Square at 2.30pm on Saturday.

Check out our Spotify playlist below:

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