Electronic solo artist K V A S I R is delighted to bring his immersive dance music to a wider audience with the release of his debut self-titled EP, K V A S I R, out now via KV10 Records.

Consisting of four unique tracks, the EP flows with vibrant, glitchy beats; pulsing arpeggiators; discreet and dream like vocals and a sweeping sense of joy. This is modern take on dance music offering relief from the invasion of big room EDM. K V A S I R is hugely inspired by the way in which music combines with visuals and, in particular, film; recently having been impressed by the 80’s inspired sound reinvigorated by the likes of SURVIVE (Stranger Things, The Guest) and Cliff Martinez (Drive).

Big screen influences are particularly evident on tracks such as ‘Exchange’, which K V A S I R was inspired to write after watching Oliver Stone’s Wall Street. This in turn fed into the concept behind ‘First Throws’, which reflects on how wealth and greed, brought about by a capitalist society, affect the quiet, introspective moments before we fall asleep. While ‘Lyon’ sees K V A S I R reflect on mistakes made in the past, determined never to make them again; a sentiment we can all identify with.

With his innovative style combining elements of 80’s and 90’s dance music, allied to an intense live show married with visual art, K V A S I R looks set to bring dancefloors across the world to life with his soaring new creations. 

Self-titled EP K V A S I R is out now via KV10 Records.